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release content videos Feb 28, 2024

Hello dear Heroes Infinite Subscriber!

Well, well, well, in March comes another big release… 

Part 1 of Chaos, Blood and Steel, released last January, was one of our most popular releases ever! It also reached a lot of new people, making it a very special event for Heroes Infinite. And the number of positive comments we got on this one has really been off the charts.

It feels like you really loved the approach we used with Chaos. Our mix of strength, charisma, blunt force and elegance really seems to have connected with all of you. 

And so, with such a massively positive reaction, we felt that we could not leave you without Chaos - Part 2! 

So here it is.  

Another set of pretty crazy characters and troops. And I'm pretty sure you're going to find a lot of stuff to print and play with this second part of our Chaos release.

Here’s the video. Make sure you come back and keep reading once you’ve watched it to find out more about what you’re about to see.

Specialized Heroes

So let's see what we have here. As always, there is a very good mix of pretty special characters. Obviously, this type of Chaos warrior guys are mostly focussed toward hand-to-hand combat, which creates the risk of having many similar warrior characters with a sword or an axe.

To avoid that, we made sure to give each character a distinct identity, capturing a unique essence and role they embody as a particular kind of warrior.

Let’s start with Vaniriah, Harbinger of Massacre, who is something that I don't think I've ever seen before, where the ultra violence of this type of chaos warrior, heavily armored and weaponized, is combined with the elegance that is very typical of our Raging Heroes style.

Then, on the opposite side of the spectrum, we have Kaar, the Great Ravager who is more like your usual Heavy Chaos Warrior, probably a king or some kind of high ranking leader. He’s all the wars you can imagine and he just lives for the carnage.

A character like Phalikxis, the War Rager is another side of Chaos that I wanted to express here. And it's more about barbarians being turned into mutated, corrupted supporters of Chaos. I wanted a mix between a character that could be something like a seer, being able to see dark things that other people can't, yet at the same time be on the front line and lead berserkers or other ultra aggressive barbaric troops. And I really love that shaman/warrior mix she's got with those arms that she uses as ornaments on her backpack, like if she were adorned with two additional pairs of arms (but you quickly realize that, in fact, they are the arms of her victims) and her other accessories.

In the spirit of having additional types of warriors, we have Laheenix, Gladiatrix Furiosia, and Markoth-Tor, Doom Warsmith, who are more specialized characters. And you can see right away that they have a very unique combat style because of their weaponry, and also because of their attitude. Markoth-Tor uses an anvil as a gigantic flail and Laheenix is obviously a gladiatrix that has become a war hero dedicated to the gods of destruction.

Menothon, Chaos Arch Warlock, is your archetypal Chaos Sorcerer, but I really like this one and I'm pretty sure you will too. He's got such an imposing figure, he feels like a timeless classic miniature. 

Sangathi, The Blood Concubine, is something that I wanted to do for quite some time: to have this kind of demonic character shown in its female form. We usually see this kind of warmongering demons more as male characters. And I thought it would be interesting to see them as a feminine force.

Onwards with Troops, Monsters and Vehicles!

And this is why I wanted Blood Concubine Sangathi accompanied by the Blood Leeches, who are demonic troops that wreak havoc on the battlefield. 

Speaking of wreaking havoc, you also get a series of Monsters and Vehicles here, which will be perfect for that: The Great Marmadon, especially the version where he is mounted by Kaar, or Arvacus, the Greater Hound of Wrath, and of course the Chariot of Destruction, driven by Blood Leeches.

In terms of Troops, this type of release doesn't mess around and just provides super heavy, ultra aggressive fighters of all types. So, this one is no exception to the rule: you've got a great assortment of demonic creatures as well as insane and possessed warriors filled with battle craze.

And ooh, the Centerpiece…

Finally for the Centerpiece we wanted something that would be totally over-the-top while appealing to different groups of people. This is how we decided to go with that, err… machine / demon / creature / thing / vehicle / monster / you name it

And because we know that a lot of you want more SciFi, we know you’ll be very happy to have access to that kind of gigantic creature.

But also, I feel it's a great story twist to bring up such a creature in a fantasy world, where supernatural forces appear to be able to create things that are completely beyond the reach of humans who have yet to attain such highly advanced technical expertise.

Yet, gods of Chaos cunningly using demonic energy are able to build a machine that seems to come from another time. 

And I really like this as a concept for any type of Fantasy setting

When you're playing a Fantasy war game, you can use this instead of a dragon, for example. Or when you're mastering a Fantasy role playing game, you can surprise your adventurers by making them face something that is totally out of their world: a creature that is not moved by flesh and blood, but by a demonic energy, a machine that defies the laws of their reality

I think it's a neat spin to throw into a story, and that's why I went for it.

And there you have it! Once again, here’s a release that is jam-packed with stuff! 

And of course, on top of everything else, you’ve got super cool modular scenery that will make your table look gorgeous

This is a crazy set of really unique and awe inspiring miniatures. So stock up on resin, your 3D-printed will be busy!

More Chaos in the Future

To be sure, there is still a lot of stuff that can be done around Chaos. And we will certainly come back to it in various ways in the future because we all know that there are different forces in Chaos, some of which we have barely touched upon until now. And there are also, of course, many reasons to come up with sci-fi versions of these characters.

Rest assured that this second release is definitely not the last one…

🫡 Now it’s your turn:

So yes, you know the drill, as always, we can’t wait to learn:

Which are your favorite models out of what we are sharing with you today?

Which are the ones you're going to print first?

Which are the ones you want to field in your next game? 

What do you want to do with that character or that troop or that creature?

Please let us know! Learning about what excites you with our releases help make the future ones even better and it is also a great reward for us after the hard work and countless hours we put in each release πŸ™‚

Thanks in advance!

And Happy Gaming !!!


Who’s who in this release

 → Heroes

Vaniriah, Harbinger of Massacre
Kaar, The Great Ravager
Akh Eziel, Great Banner of Wrath

Phalikxis, The War Rager
Laheenix, Gladiatrix Furiosia
Markoth-Tor, Doom Warsmith

Kartuum, The Slayer
Menothon, Chaos Arch Warlock
Sangathi, The Blood Concubine

 → Monsters/Vehicles

Great Marmadon
Great Marmadon mounted by Kaar
Chariot of Destruction
Arvakus, Greater Hound of Wrath

 → Troops

Heavy Berserkers
Blood Leeches
Hounds of Wrath
Mounted Chosen
Chained Furiors

 → Centerpiece + Modular Scenery