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Elves of Darkness and Demons of Lust

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 "Oh yes, this is awesome. Like, new favorite set! (previously was the paladins of eternal light, might of made a wrong turn into a dark alley somewhere since then- though this dovetails very nicely with January's set!) Absolutely wonderful! The hedonistic lusty ascetic works perfectly with the subject matter. On a similar vein, as a centerpiece esq model; I had kitbashed the Dionysius chariot with models from the first dark elves release to make a lust elves palanquin- now this release will give me even more to work with! I have been a proud supporter for two years now, and your quality has been impeccable! Keep up the great work!"

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"LOVING the Soul Kissers! I am thrilled to see a theme that feels like the Lust Elves. They are what brought me to Raging Heroes in the beginning. It would be great to see more Dark Elves and Lust Demons in the future!!!"

- Justin Dupras

"I absolutely LOVE this set. I've liked all your Centerpieces, but this one I can actually use in the army I've been working on for the past couple years. It's as though your read my mind... a Persian themed, mostly humanish, "Excess" Hedon army. The 300 references fit beautifully with this release. The modular terrain is so going to be used...a lot. :)"

- William Woods

"You've been nailing many releases in a row for my part! I love the releases now and for many of the last months :)"

- sirholy

"Looks super cool! I love those shades, thinking about printing them in clear and use them for some badass ghosts"

 - Mischa Van Der Hout

This amazing set of ready to 3D print miniatures comes fully supported.
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Elves of Darkness and Demons of Lust

A Dual Faction Release

A massive majority of people wanted a follow up on our Dark Elves projects. And so we thought, well, okay, that's it: that's the theme! Once you have the Elves of Darkness and Demons of Lust set, you'll want to have all of the sets to go with it! Make sure to explore the Lair of the Spider Goddess, travel the galaxy with the Arcadian Elves (1 and 2), and enter the darkest pits of the universe with our Void Elves that we released earlier last year. And then you have all the Lust Elves that you can use as different types of characters for Sci-Fi.So it's not per se a Sci-Fi release, but there's tons of stuff in that release that you're gonna be able to use if you are Sci-Fi players.

So there are definitely some characters that are fully Fantasy, but you've got Kemlith who is an Assassin and, if you play Sci-Fi Dark Elves, you’ll know exactly what to do with her in your army.

There is Zarielk the Torturer, who is definitely a character that you know how to use in a Void Elf army, I'm pretty sure…

And then there is also Fyrwin the Assassin Legend who could definitely have a place in a Sci-Fi army. 

In the troops, the Executrix are as good for a Fantasy army as they are for a Sci-fi army.

And you also have the Shade Spirits who are definitely something that you can use in your Void Elf army.

Here is the full line-up of all the minis from this release.

Arcadian Elves 2 width=