February 2024 Release:

Punks of the Cyber Hive

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Miss Monsoon, a corporate CEO who is very elegant, very slick and radiates high level corporate power. She is accompanied by her AI bodyguard which is nothing less than some kind of holographic dragon.

Kawamura, the Meat Grinder, a cruel and creepy mafia boss who owns a massive industrial slaughterhouse and who takes pleasure in punishing the people who wronged him by putting them in the meat grinder and keeping their hands as trophies. 

Kaboom Kylie, is completely obsessed with destruction and explosives. You get her as a character on foot but also riding a jet bike, zipping through your adventure in a trail of massive blasts.

Zab the Hacker is a character who we created 11 years ago for our first Kickstarter. She was the last character that could have been unlocked during the Kickstarter but in the end, this did not happen. So a lot of people have been waiting for that miniature for a very long time. She has a very “physical” and unique style of hacking, jumping on armored vehicles, using piercing probes to punch through their metal plating and directly connect to the core of their internal computer, disabling or taking control of the enemy’s heavy machinery in a few seconds. 

Glitz X is an outrageous rocker girl, and if you are really into guitars and cyberpunk references, you'll probably appreciate the very iconic guitar that we gave her. Of course, we had to add to it a few interesting accessories to it so it can also be used as a flamethrower or as a chainsaw axe. 

Tickle Trixie is the perfect example of the Jailbird philosophy, which is to use construction equipment and other types of gear to transform it into weaponry. There is no doubt that Tickle Trixie can face anti-riot tanks and other heavy equipment without breaking a sweat.

Bexy Da Boss runs the Jailbirds Heavy Hitter Troops. In good Jailbird fashion, Bexy and her crew have recycled construction work exoskeletons to turn them into a stripped-down form of power armor. Bexy is accompanied by Wiggle, her pet monkey, and she teams a lot of outrageous punkish class with her devastating firepower.

Captain Hammer-Shank is an implacable SWAT officer. His main role is to tame the rioting population of the under-hive. His over-the-shoulders powerful PA system will give you one single warning. Then, he fires his rocket launchers. With him is always a top-of-the-line Cyber Hound. Wherever he goes, law gets restored.

Ercom 27 is an android who fancies himself as some kind of Old West cowboy working as a bounty hunter. He dresses up with a Stetson kind of hat and likes to punctuate his interventions with one liners in the style of 'Go ahead, punk, make my day!'. Another robot looking to be more human than human…

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