Welcome to Heroes Infinite


We are based in the South of France and are a small boutique company.

We launched our online shop Raging Heroes in 2009 with 6 resin and metal miniatures, and have blossomed to over 700 so far.

We love creating miniatures, it's fun… but it is also A LOT of hard work, especially since we chose to set the bar so high!

Our overall approach is the same as the one used in a movie studio: the creation of each miniature comes from a collaborative team process in which each artist and technician brings his or her unique take to the new model.

This process is long and very demanding. Designing and sculpting a Raging Heroes miniature takes between 2 and 6 times more than what is usually the norm in a miniature company!

... And we only work with very top of the line artists;

...And we tend to be a pain in their ass because of our high level of expectations!

Each month, you will get one of the largest collections of minis available to 3D print with Supported + Unsupported STL files.

You will have everything you need to build your army and start your campaigns with:  Heroes, Monsters, Troop Units, Terrain and an EPIC centerpiece.

So... What does it look like to be a Heroes Infinite Member?

All the minis needed to build your army

An amazing collection of Heroes, Gods, Adventurers, non-playing characters, Monsters and Troops

Epic Scenery elements

... and many more things so that you can stage the most amazing games you could ever dream of

Amazing Welcome Box

You'll receive a Tavern with all the accessories to start your campaigns

All of this for the price of 1 resin miniature

"Hello thank you again you have made me a very happy person. I really do appreciate your kindness, you have such a great community and you have some of the best models I have seen. Keep doing what you're doing and all the best for the future."

Regan D.

Raging Heroes: “Anything you can do, I can do better! I can do anything better than you!”
GW: “No you can’t!”
Raging Heroes: “Yes I can!”
GW: “No you can’t!”
Raging Heroes: “Yes I can!”
Raging Heroes: YES I CAN, YES I CAAAAN!”


"Dear Raging Heroes team, all you guys do wonderful work, and I've really been enjoying the mythology releases (esp the Greek one) and I'm really excited for more sci-fi releases!"

Nathan M.

First off, thanks for the effort you put into everything you do. As always, keep up the good work. Simply love your style and what you're doing :)

Marco K.

"I LIKE the elaborate, over the top pieces. Many people are talking about what a tight market DnD style (or warhammer style) minis is. The "extra" is what makes you guys unique."

Alison G.

What to do with our minis?

Our minis are perfect to use in your tabletop game, or for painting and collecting. They make awesome alternative characters to give your army a unique personality.

Do you have a game?

Our Toughest Girls of the Galaxy game has been in the works for several years now and it will soon launch on Kickstarter. 

Check out the community

We have nearly 49 000 fans on Facebook AND we have a super friendly closed Painting Group that keeps on growing every day.  

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