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All STL files are owned by MFBG Productions SARL/Raging Heroes/Infinite Heroes and are licensed for personal use only.


This document is the legal agreement between you and any entity you represent (hereafter known as the Licensee), and MFBG Productions SARL/Raging Heroes/Infinite Heroes (hereafter known as the Licensor) for the use of the Licensor’s STL files. By purchasing, downloading, accessing or using our STL files, you automatically become a Licensee and you automatically agree to the terms below.

If you do not agree with all the provisions of these terms of use, do not purchase, download, access or use the STL files provided by the Licensor.

Article 1.           MFBG Productions SARL is the owner of the STL files. The STL files and all the characters, scenery and accessories depicted in these files are copyrighted and are the property of MFBG Productions SARL.


Article 2.           Through your Heroes Infinite subscription, the Licensor grants you, the Licensee a non-transferable, non-exclusive License to use these files.


Article 3.           This License allows you, the Licensee to use the content provided by us (TL files and their location Links) for personal, non-commercial use only.


Article 4.           Using any Heroes Infinite STL files or content provided by the Licensor for other uses is prohibited and will make you subject to copyright infringement claims.


Article 5.           The Licensee is not allowed to share the links and files provided to him/her through Heroes Infinite to any person, website or entity.


Article 6.           No file or part of the Licensor files can be used to be sold, rented, shared, transferred or gifted, included but not limited to, Etsy Shop, Patreon Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms, game, kitbashed model, loot box, video game.


Article 7.           The Licensee is not allowed to edit the Licensor STL Files or use portions of them to create new content!


Article 8.           The Licensee is also not allowed to make prints, make moulds or make miniature casts to be sold, shared, rented, transferred or gifted. An exception is made for gifts made for family and friends.


Article 9.           The Licensee cannot make duplicates, create derivative works of, disassemble, reverse compile or reverse engineer any part of the STL files. No part may be copied, reproduced, distributed, republished, or displayed.


Article 10.         The Licensee can cut/resize our files to better fit his/her printer but cannot share these derivatives.


Article 11.         The Licensor and its representatives reserve their right to not accept anyone as a subscriber or to ban a subscriber in case of inappropriate behavior, abusive use of the files or any other reason they might see fit.


Article 12.         The Licensor grants you a license to use these files to print miniatures for the Licensee board games, role playing games or wargames. The Licensee can use these files for these purposes only. They are not meant to be used to create any other types of products, whether as hard copies or in digital environments. This includes, but is not limited to, video games and any other kind of software, jewelry, home decor, etc.


Article 13.         The license granted to you by the Licensor is valid for 20 years. However, the Licensor reserves its right to revise this time frame at any moment without granting any additional indemnification to the Licensee.


Article 14.         The Licensor reserves the right to revise the terms and condition of this agreement at anytime.


Article 15.         The Licensor gives the Licensee the right to take photos, make videos and share images of his/her models printed using the Heroes Infinite files for social or promotional uses of your skills and services as long as the Licensee explicitly state that the models are Raging Heroes/Heroes Infinite models. Promoting our various stores and pages is greatly appreciated and we will be happy to assist you in this.


Article 16.         However, the Licensee can not use any image created with Heroes Infinite files to include in any products that would be sold, rented, shared or gifted, including but not limited to, games, books, posters, tshirts, softwares, etc. Please remember that the characters, places, sceneries and accessories depicted in the Heroes Infinite files are the intellectual property of MFBG Productions SARL.


Article 17.         The Licensor has no liability whatsoever for any data loss or corruption or any damages caused to systems, 3D printers, data storage devices, computers or health caused by the STL files. The


Licensee has sole responsibility for protecting its data, system and health during the use of the STL files.


Article 18.         Heroes Infinite files are provided “as is”. The Licensor has no obligation to provide any form of support regarding the use of the STL files. The Licensor cannot guarantee that STL files will be optimized for every software system or 3D printer.


Article 19.         MFBG Productions SARL owns the copyright to MFBG Productions SARL and its brands, associated logos, images, photos, digital content, files, 3D designs, concept arts, videos, written content, audio, banners, posters, product designs, franchises, games, miniatures, books, art, products, packaging, code, software or any future media or formats created by MFBG Productions SARL or any of its employees, collaborators or partners.


Article 20.         MFBG Productions SARL will enforce its copyright and will vigorously pursue any copyright infringement to the full extent of the law, worldwide. Any theft, redistribution, resale, imitation, licensing, leasing, or claimed ownership of MFBG Productions SARL’s copyrighted brand and materials will be considered a breach of this contract and an infringement of copyright law.

These terms are subject to change at MFBG Productions SARL’s discretion. Users are invited to review this document regularly.


Raging Heroes and Infinite Heroes are brands owned by MFBG Productions SARL

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Original publication date: March 31, 2020
Article 8 updated to allow for gifting of prints to friends and family.