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Thieves of the Shadowsands Guild

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"OH MY GOD, this is AMAZING!"

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"OH MY GOD, this is AMAZING!"

- Nephanor

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THIEVES of the Shadowsands Guild

Enlist the full guild, bring to bear prowess and all their unique skills to solve any problem of... "questionable legality".

With supernatural accuracy, Xanshee's unforgiving eye is deadly at range with arrow, bolt or dagger. Preferring to track her targets from above, she leaps from building to building, uses her daggers to climb sheer walls, and perches on rooftops, a darker shadow against a backdrop of the night sky.

The light side of the fairy realm is incarnated by Syl-Iriah. A magnificent sun filled Queen, she can always be found joyous and laughing with her subjects.

Don't let this outer facade foul you, as she is also an extremely powerful mage. In the very rare occasions where she becomes angry and feels her clan threatened she will fiercely defend her realm, unleashing her power against any would-be oppressor.

Here is the full line-up of all the minis from this release.

From the release post

Hi fellows adventurers!

We are so very happy and excited to introduce you to our June 2020 release: the Thieves of the Shadowsands Guild! Keep in mind that all files come PRE-supported. We think it’s a seriously amazing and kickass release! So, turn up the sound, put it in full screen, and enjoy this video! And if you like it, share it !!!

Thanks to your great feedback and suggestions, we got really inspired and once again we went a bit crazy, you know us now ;)  

We hope you are as thrilled as we are, please don't hesitate to share your feedback in the comments, and spread the word in your communities!