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Over 50 mesmerizing Ready-To-3D-Print* heroes, troops, monsters and scenery.
Build a full wargaming army or stage an amazing role-playing adventure.

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Complete your army with our Arcadian Elves 2 Release!

* All miniatures are available in both unsupported and supported format, ready to print on your 3D printer.

 "I screamed like a little girl when I saw the trailer! I am insanely excited!"


"One of the best sets I’ve seen from you guys. Everything looks great"

- Diplomacy

"Before I watched the video, "I'm not that interested in Space Elves".
After I watched the video, "WOW, I want them NOW!!! Why can't I start printing tonight?" "

- Nightlurker

"This kind of release is somewhat why I'm supporting you :) They are stunning, dynamic and there is ton of miniatures and, to be honest, this is refreshing to see a SciFi bundle. I want more SciFi/futuristic releases ! Damn, there is even vehicles/ships !"

- Nicolas Frugier

"I would SO support more releases for Arcadian Elves. These are fantastic!"

- Scott Butcher

"I love this set and want more. Constructs made from wraithstone of all sizes and types. A shattered shard of a wrathful God, Battle Augur and acolyte battle augur psychically singing runes of battle and fate, Stellar Warden with Pistols, Hand Weapons and heat 'n flame weapons, more scout snipers on foot and sky bikes"

 - Robert Lamborn

Here is the full line-up of all the minis from this release.

Steampunk Adventures of the Mechanium width=

From the release post

What to expect from this release?

Well, you have everything to make a full army, plus tons of amazing-looking scenery that will make your war-table look like nothing you’ve seen before.
I won’t go into my usual explanations of what to do with each character, for if you are a wargamer, you’ll know exactly what to do with them.
If you’re not a wargamer yet, this is a perfect time to try it out.

This army that we’ve designed for you is so unique and beautiful that everybody will envy you and ask you where you got it!

Super-cool free bonuses

As a final note, let me remind you that if you’re supporting us here on (rather than on, you’re getting access to 2 super cool, exclusive bonuses!

The first bonus is a second version of the Sniper character
The second bonus is a full additional version of the Arcadian Elf AntiGrav Tank.

We wish you happy printing and gaming with these d&d and table top game mini stl files :)