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In the Lair of the Spider Goddess

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"Holy cr*p balls, these are stunning and the best spider elves I have ever seen. I am continually blown away by your sculpts. I am a huge fan of Shiveryah and lots of girlie squealing just happened!! ❤"

- Michelle Oakes

"Speechless O_O . It's beyond what I could've hoped for!"

- Yarik Hansraj

"These are so awesome. I keep looking at them thinking how cool they would be on the table."

- Pablo Ortega

"Whoaaaaa! These are awesome!"

- Lucas Miguel

"Love the winged spider ! "

- Brian Roush

"Love the winged spider!"

- WarloQ

This amazing set of ready to 3D print miniatures comes fully supported.
This set is not available in physical miniatures yet but will be in the future.
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In The Lair of the Spider Goddess

Any misstep could seal your fate in the Lair of the Spider Goddess as her Elf witches and Spider Thralls control a powerful evil!

The Spider Mother's inner circle of chosen warriors, champions and guardians are loyal to only her. Adept at silently stalking their prey, and impossible to defend against as Spider limb and Elf blade whir towards the hunted..

Here is the full line-up of all the minis from this release.

From the release post

Hello everybody! Sorry for the delay but we really wanted to finish this wicked video for you, we hope you’re not afraid of spiders! ;)  As promised we’re happy to show you the characters for this upcoming May 2020 release: in the Lair of the Spider Goddess! 

And they will come fully supported at no additional cost! We’re very pumped to see your first prints in May!