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Chaos Blood and Steel

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 "OH MY!!! This just became my favorite set. The sculpts are off the chart and the theme is incredible. I had been hoping for some Chaos type Knights and this set has scratched every itch. Thank you for your continued hard work and creative releases."

- Glen Hoffman

"90s Goth and Metal! Love it! They look like they walked right out of a Spawn comic. Or Requiem! It brings to mind the sweet scent of fleshly unpacked action figures and, if you plan to expand to that scale, would be a good place to start. And it's a complete Chaos army with The Crows That Stole Christmas from last year."

- Stephan

"I say this every month with each new release...but in my opinion this is truly your best work yet!!! Absolutely breathtaking, amazing!!! Just when I think there is no possible way it could get better, CHAOS happens!!!"

- Noel Gripe

"Absolutely Amazing! Would love to see more like this applied to other aspects of chaos! Love the mix of male and female pieces. Yall give us a great variety to work with."

- Federalvampire127

"Just amazing, your work is always top notch. Love the sculpts keep up the amazing work. And happy new year looking forward to another great year of amazing models and scenery"

- Josh Whalen

"Talrrisa Bloodclaw is a great model. Looking forward to seeing more Sci-fi models in the future releases! :-)"

 -  Konstantin Kurochkin

Talrissa Bloodclaw, Chaos Warrior Queen

Talrissa  is a chaotic blend of brattish youth and deadly force. Her enormous sword and clawed hand, coupled with her massive horns, make her a terrifying sight, as she cuts a swathe through her enemies with reckless abandon 

Malgrath the War-King 

Malgrath, with his imposing stature and arsenal of enchanted weapons, is a figure of awe on the battlefield. His multiple demon-enchanted weapons and the evil dragon-vulture perched on his shoulder symbolize his absolute control over the forces of chaos.

Lyraxia the Sky Piercer

A fearsome demoness, Lyraxia descends from the skies like a hawk, her spear and shield wreaking havoc. Her bat wings and hooved feet make her an agile and deadly predator, feared by all who cross her path.

Grimaria Painweaver, Blood Ritualist

Cruel and relentless, Grimaria conducts her battlefield rituals with a terrifying zeal. Her skull mask hides any semblance of mercy as she uses her scythe and knife to offer sacrifices to the gods of war.

Kaadrhan the Skull Collector

Transformed by battle and slaughter, Kaadrhan is a terrifying sight. His massive horns and demonic visage, along with his barbed sword and flaming skull, make him the embodiment of chaos's brutal power.

Elexara, Curse Weaver Sorceress

A sorceress of great power, Elexara is both beautiful and terrifying. Her third arm weaves spells of doom as the raven on her shoulder cackles and crows, signaling the onset of her devastating spells.

Kyrasha, the Arch Champion

A champion among chaos warriors’ champions, Kyrashais’ skill with her axe and hammer is unmatched. It is said that her skull mask hides a terrible secret. Whatever the truth is, her presence on the battlefield is a portent of doom.

Vaargrim the Battle-Scarred

A veteran of countless campaigns, Vaargrim leads his troops with an unbreakable resolve.  His firestone sword and shield are emblems of his countless victories and the respect he commands among his Skullcrusher troops.

Krethor the Executioner

Roaming the battlefield, Krethor seeks out those marked for death by the Chaos Gods.  A towering figure, Krethor's presence is a promise of death. His massive axe and helmet make him an avatar of the gods' wrath, his victims chosen by divine decree.

Here is the full line-up of all the minis from this release.

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