Elves of Darkness and Demons of Lust - February 2023 Release Video

release content videos Jan 30, 2023

Hello dear Heroes Infinite Subscriber!

So, well, it is that time of the month when we finally reveal what our next release is about.

You might remember that this month, we've asked you once again: “Okay, what do you want? What are you looking for in the next release?”

And a massive majority of people wanted a follow up on our Dark Elves project, starting with entering in the lair of the spider goddess, trekking through the galaxy with the Void Elves, and finally joining the Arcadian Elves (1 and 2that we released earlier last year.

And so we thought, well, okay, that's it: that's the theme! 

But we also had a lot of positive feedback on what we did this month (January 2023: Rampant Chaos in the City of Angels), with that mix of angels and demons and various types of characters that give you guys a wider range of things to do with the release.

So we thought, well, let's do Dark Elves, but let's spice it up a little bit!

Because another request that we get all the time, all the time, is : “Well, your Lust Elves are amazing! Can you do Lust Elves on Heroes Infinite and not just on your Raging Heroes website?”

So we said: YES. Lust Elves and Dark Elves. They go well together. They have a history together. So let's do that. Let's mix it up. 

So you already had a few Lust Elves in this month’s release (January 2023: Rampant Chaos in the City of Angels) and we thought: let's build on that, and let's also bring Dark Elves into the mix.

Sci-Fi Ideas

But it doesn't stop there because we thought, well, there's another request we get frequently, and it is: “Can you do Void Elves?”

The Void Elves are our Sci-Fi Dark Elves. And we said, “Well, hmm, you know, we can do something with that…” 

So it's not per se a Sci-Fi release, but there's tons of stuff in that release that you're gonna be able to use if you are Sci-Fi players.

A lot of the Lust Elves stuff is usable in both Fantasy and Sci-Fi, but also you'll see that there is also a mix of things in the Dark Elves that we've made here.

And if you are looking attentively at the models, you’ll see that you can do a lot with them.

So there are definitely some characters that are fully Fantasy, but you've got Kemlith who is an Assassin and, if you play Sci-Fi Dark Elves, you’ll know exactly what to do with her in your army.

There is Zarielk the Torturer, who is definitely a character that you know how to use in a Void Elf army, I'm pretty sure…

And then there is also Fyrwin the Assassin Legend who could definitely have a place in a Sci-Fi army. 

In the troops, the Executrix are as good for a Fantasy army as they are for a Sci-fi army.

And you also have the Shade Spirits who are definitely something that you can use in your Void Elf army.

And then you have ALL the Lust Elves that you can use as different types of characters for Sci-Fi. So there are a lot of options here.

Love the Look!

I'm also very happy with the look of all those characters. It's always tricky because those two armies are definitely favorites of mine and I want to do them justice. Yet having to release so many new miniatures every month means that you don't always have the time to go as deep as you would like. And, at one point, there is also a budget issue. You cannot throw more money at it than what you have on hand to make it look even better.

So at one point you have to stop. And sometimes, you know, I feel like: “Oh, I would've liked SO MUCH to push that a bit further…” 

And here, I'm extremely happy with the results. So this is great. 

Size of the Centerpieces

There is also something a bit different in that release: you'll notice that the centerpiece is smaller than usual. 

This is really a test.

We did this because, well, you might have seen that right now we are running a Centerpiece Printing Contest, and we want to have a conversation with you about Centerpieces and, in general, about what we are doing in Heroes Infinite. Because there's some stuff that, you know, I'm not gonna lie: I'm creating the stuff that I would like to see in my own games, on my own table.

And this is probably what I'll keep on doing. I know that what I do cannot please everybody, that I have my own style with its very specific character, but it doesn't mean that I'm not interested in understanding what you guys want and what would make your life easier.

And so I'm pretty sure I'll continue to do something like the Centerpiece because this is something I always dreamed of when I was a young gamer and I had very little means, very little money to buy miniatures and build crazy cool tables and everything.

And with 3D printing today, I feel like the sky is the limit. Of course, it costs money, but in a proportion that is SO different from what it used to be when I had more time for gaming, you know?

And so I will definitely continue to have big pieces like that and everything, but I would like to have your take on this: What would you like to see? What would you like to have more of? It is pretty clear, for example, that we have not given you enough information on how to assemble the centerpieces.

Tight Schedules

So we’re gonna start to try to make that happen. It's not easy for many different reasons. It might seem to you like, well, we've got the pieces, it should be easy to put a little assembly chart together. But we are already running on a VERY tight schedule :(

Indeed, it's not easy to do everything we would like to do. And that includes putting together more information, like how to put together scenery, and stuff like that.

This is one of the things we are struggling with, how to find the time to do this. So we are gonna try to find and dedicate more resources for that to make sure that you have a better experience.

How Big is Big?

But anyway, I want to just ask, today, do you like this more reasonable size for the Centerpiece, like what we did today? Like some kind of big vehicle, for example, or, like a big monster, but not something necessarily as massive as what we've been doing before?

And we'll see where we go from there. Like I said, I will probably continue to have some of those big pieces, but maybe from time to time we'll do it differently.

Maybe we'll find a way to make it more accessible for you all. For example, we’ll see if we can make your life easier while still doing stuff that is very Raging Heroes, you know, very much in sync with the brand? 

The Storytelling Contest…

Speaking about asking for your input and your comments and everything, one last thing I wanted to tell you about is that, well, we ran a storytelling contest a few months ago, and we were not able to give you feedback on that.

We've had several amazing entries and we were never able to really go through them and finish the job of having everybody in the team reading those stories to select what we like and share the results with you all.

But we definitely want to have that done. Like it's not something that we're letting go. And well, one of the problems we had was a legal one.

We needed our lawyer to appraise those things, but there were other projects in the works, and we didn't have the time to really get that done properly.

And so, right now, it's being taken care of. So we are soon gonna have that contest reviewed and the winners revealed.

Our Mission:

So that's it for today. I hope you are having a great beginning of this 2023 year. I can tell you that there's a lot of stuff in the works for Raging Heroes and Heroes Infinite. We are looking at some very exciting projects.

Of course, we're going to continue making great minis! As you are watching this video, I can tell you that we've already started the next release and there's already such amazing stuff!

So, yes, a lot of cool stuff is coming your way! 

And as always, we are here for you. 

If you have any questions on anything, if you need more info, if you need some support, if you have any problem with the files, with anything, please reach out. Never hesitate to contact us and ask us questions. 

We'll do everything we can to make things better for you.

We are happy to help. We are here for that. 

In fact, here’s our continuing MISSION: We are here to help YOU get the MOST beautiful miniatures and the most beautiful gaming table that you can dream of!

It’s YOUR turn!

And as always, PLEASE DO let us know which are your favorite characters in that release and how you plan to use them

We are always very impatient to know what you like. 

This is really a big thing for us.


Have a great day, and talk to you soon!

- Benoit Guerville, Art Director