A Dance with the Vampires II - October 2022 Release Video!

release content videos Sep 28, 2022
A Dance with the Vampires II

Hello Dear Heroes Infinite Subscribers!

It’s the Halloween Season! We love this season and know you do too! 

What costumes will you be wearing this year? What is your favorite candy to buy this time of year? What are your plans for this wonderful Autumn holiday?

Halloween means a release worthy of the season, and we created a second Vampire-themed release to bring to you.

Our First Vampire Release in 2021 was centered on a Venetian-themed Masquerade Ball that showed our own twist on Vampires. This collection has been incredibly successful and we have seen many of those models on tabletops across the world! 

You have asked for more vampires, and there is no better time to release vampires than Halloween!

This month, we have been hard at work creating a collection to enthrall you!

See the video here

A Cast of Characters Sure to Delight

Every year on Halloween, the dance begins again. 

Two factions who are pitted against each other have joined the dance this year:


Our Noble vampires host this ball and as it is the Halloween season, they require that masks be worn to join in the dance.

Alcanterya gleefully creates a ball worth dying for as she hosts the masquerade and watches over the festivities while preparing to end her enemies with a swift blow.

Lamalia brings her blood cats into the masquerade, proving her strength and gaining allies during every dance. 

Archatreon’s power is built on the back of the souls he’s destroyed and the corruption he’s fueled in his quest for power. While he can wear many masks, he can never repent, and he really doesn’t want to.

The Grand Gondola Centerpiece shows the souls that were lost to build the Alcanterya’s power. It was inspired by St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and corrupted to make an incredible model.

Fanatic Clergy:

The other faction is the Clergy. These people started their journey into vampirism as good people, people who worked in the Church, and had good intentions until something corrupted their souls and caused them to want power that only a vampire can have.

Mazacrus began as a humble priest and after following his teacher on a path of corruption his twisted soul began to crave the blood and souls of others. He slowly corrupted Serinix and Acrimoniah by teasing them with their darkest desires. He brings pain to the humans and pleasure to the masquerade as his twisted games flood the dance with blood.

Serinix smiles and carries many masks to hide her true intentions. While she may have fooled her followers into believing she has good intentions, the noble vampires are aware of her lust for power.

Acrimoniah was truly a saint before a terrible event led to her becoming a vampire without a master. She sweetly guides her prey into a trap before devouring them. While her innocence may delude many, Alcanterya finds her a worthy opponent.

What will you do? Infiltrate the high society of the Vampires, or join them? 

About this Release

We know that you’ve been waiting for our October Release, and after hearing many suggestions, a lot of them were “Give us another Vampire release!!!”, we're proud to bring it to you!

Every release begins with an idea, and this release was no different. Our vision at Raging Heroes and Heroes Infinite is to create models for you that are inspired by art, history, and literature. 

Our incredible sculptors and art design team work together to bring this vision to life with every release, and this collection showcases their talent and our vision as a team. 

This series began with the idea of “what if we created something loosely inspired by the War of the Roses, but with vampires?” 

We had to research the time period, the people, and the history of that time period. The War of the Roses was a time of blood and war caused by a family dispute. It is also called “The Civil Wars” and took place in England, Wales, Ireland, and Calais between the Tudor and Lancaster families versus the York family. It was named this because all of the families involved have the emblem of a rose on their coat of arms. 

While we stayed true to that idea, we also added our unique twist to it. 

Our artists were inspired by Shakesperian and Elizabethan England, and the costumes of each model reflect the incredible literature and style of that time period.

The design team worked hard to bring the political power struggle of war, the attire of that time period, and the viciousness of the people into this release.


A Dance to Die For

These models are incredible works of art that can be used for:

  • Adding depth to the Curse of Strahd universe
  • Fantasy wargames as an opportunity to give your Vampires army a truly unique twist
  • Secret Societies in TTRPG games with a Lovecraftian Twist
  • Vampire Tabletop RPGs as a model for your character
  • Elizabethan Era campaigns in Tabletop RPGs
  • Fantasy worlds with vampires galore
  • Infiltrating a Vampire House with nothing but your wits and a flashlight

New Places and New Faces!

The Back-To-School season has been more intense than expected with many different life challenges! New people came on board, several staff members have moved into new homes, and our team has become very close during this past month as we supported one another.

We have had several members of the team out sick with Covid and other illnesses, which means we have worked at a frantic pace with their absences so that they can rest and recuperate.

During September, we added two new faces to the team, you may have noticed communication on our social media channels, and more streamlined marketing being sent to you. 

Thierry has joined our French team as the Director of Marketing and Social Media. He has been working to add more retail partners, adapt social media posts for marketing, and working to bring better communication throughout the team.

Candace has joined our US team as the Social Media Community Manager. You may have noticed that we have had someone responding to your posts and to your questions at different times. She has been working to give more updates on releases, make the Heroes Infinite socials: Facebook, the Facebook Painting Group, Discord, Instagram, and Twitter; more of a community, and is responsible for a lot of our recent communication online. 

We are working on responding to the nearly 900 responses we received on the Christmas Ideas post. We hope to have a video response out to you very soon!

What have you been creating, painting, and printing this September?

Which is your favorite?

So, now it is your turn !!

Tell us what you will be using this release for! 

By the way, we keep on seeing super cool paint jobs and photos of your HI minis. 

So, please, please, please tag us on Instagram in your pictures, come and meet us on Discord, and show off your ideas on our Facebook groups!