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A Dance with the Vampires I

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Dance with the Vampires

Dark, decadent and majestic... We hope you'll love it :)

The biggest ask in your messages was to make this release related to a masquerade ball. Something with noble, haughty Vampires that could evoke French or Russian nobility or maybe an elegant Victorian / Steampunk vibe.

Some of you also talked about Castlevania or the ball sequence in Van Helsing.

So we went all the way for that, setting up our Vampire party in a place that would be reminiscent of a twisted Venice palace, somewhere between the XVIII and XIX century. That is why we absolutely needed to have a death gondola to bring the Vampires to the Ball...

There were also asks for non human vampires, especially Dark Elves ones. And while many wanted sophisticated characters, there were also a few asks for some battle hardened, heavily armored vampire hero and giant mount. And there were some asks for a Man-Bat vampire, something feral and scary...

So we did all of that too :)


Someone talked about the Dance of Death and we though that we could not miss the opportunity to create a twisted bard. Because a Bard is always cool, and you can use this one in many different situations.

We added Levinda, a character that you could play as a Vampire, but also as a Vampire Hunter, an Assassin or a Thief.

We also created the nefarious Cardinal Blasphemius, a character who could make a really creepy vampire or just some kind of evil religious creepy boss.

This way, even if you are not playing Vampire themed adventures at this time, you'd be able to find a way to use these characters in your current games.


Instead of adding some zombies or ghouls or skeletons you probably already have tons of, we decided to add some unusual "troops".

First there are the Cardinal's Blood Sucker Sycophants, a group of unholy men turned into giant creepy mosquito men. They will be perfect to be used as a group of sick Chasmes or simply as some sort of blood sucking flying ghouls. Blood sucking flying ghouls are the best kind of ghouls...

Then, there are the lascivious Blood Cats, the feline slaves of the Vampires' court, seductive, wild and deadly. Don't come too close...

Here is the full line-up of all the minis from this release.

Dance Vampires