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Legends of the Celts Kingdoms part II

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 "I've been following you since the spider lair, and this one might be my favorite. Top 3 for sure. Flidais is what really captured my attention. I've been using Flidais as an archetype for video game characters like Elder Scrolls ever since I heard the name in a Protest the Hero song Limb from Limb in 2008, so that particular sculpt has a lot of personal meaning to me. Blows my mind that you chose her out of all the Celtic deities, and even more so in a way that aligns with my own interpretations. I swear you made that just for me!"

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"Great to see more home country Scotland getting some love. Well done!"

 - Chris Lee

Fionn mac Cumhaill, the leader of the Fianna, who is very much an example of the Warrior for good, some kind of Paladin, but wearing traditional Highland type of clothes rather than heavy armor.

Alastair Stonecrusher, the giant of the tribe. He’s the guy who towers above everybody else, so strong and so powerful and at the same time, he’s that nice guy that everybody loves.

Aislinn Ironwill, a character that I again designed to be something different than usual, being younger than most of our other characters. She’s a very stubborn young girl. She wants to do her thing and her rebellious personality is sure to shake things up in her tribe. But she will fight for what's right and for her clan. 

She's the kind of girl who is unmoved by boys trying to put her down or maybe joking around, saying things like “She's a girl, she's gonna fight like a girl…”. Well, just fight her and you'll see what you get! 


Why don't we revisit this and have an Elf Queen who would be half a butterfly and who would be a very powerful sorceress of the woodland and of the fairy realm? And so that's how Aine came to life. Aine the Midsummer Goddess. 

Nuada, the King of the Tuatha de Danann to be a mix of wildness and sophistication. So he has a very elegant attitude but at the same time his torso is bare, he's got wild red hair and heavy furs on his shoulders, and you can see the wind whipping his cape. He's someone you should definitely not mess with. He comes across as a very dignified and composed character but you can feel the power in him.

Scathach, the Isle of Shadows Champion, is exactly what I wanted to do with those elves. With a wild, nearly berserk attitude. She looks like an explosion. And I've been drumming that into the sculptors during the entire sculpting process: “Make them look like an explosion!”

Here is the full line-up of all the minis from this release.

Arcadian Elves 2 width=