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Summer Fairies of The Enchanted Forest

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Summer Fairies of the Enchanted Forest

Are you ready for this new adventure?
Turn up the volume, put the video on full screen and come with us, let’s walk together in the Enchanted Forest, and meet all the characters from this Release.

The Fairies of the Enchanted Forest are not just in-tune with the natural world around them, they are an integral part of it.

The world of Wyld Feys is ever changing. As much from the comings and goings of each season as it is for the roiling whir of magical energy encompassing these Fairie Kingdoms.

The light side of the fairy realm is incarnated by Syl-Iriah. A magnificent sun filled Queen, she can always be found joyous and laughing with her subjects.

Don't let this outer facade fool you: she is also an extremely powerful mage. In the very rare occasions where she becomes angry and feels her clan threatened she will fiercely defend her realm, unleashing her power against any would-be oppressor.

Korreds are a curious type of wyld Leprechaun, their beards and hair are incredibly long and dense, snaking out in every possible direction... Something they are undeniably proud of.

Unstoppably carefree and boisterous creatures that value freedom above all else, they especially like to dance in the ancient stone circles within forest glades, led by rhythmic music infused with their natural form of magic.

Here is the full line-up of all the minis from this release.

Summer Fairies Enchanted Forest

From the release post

Are you ready for this new adventure? Turn up the volume, put the video on full screen, and come with us, let’s walk together in the Enchanted Forest, and meet all the characters from this July 2020 Release.

Queen Syl-Iriah, King Antarion and the Summer Fairies welcome you into their magical world. We really went overboard with this release, there was way too much good stuff to do. So this is a super exceptional release with 18 models, 4 of them being MASSIVE! This is practically a DOUBLE release!!!

And yet, what about Winter? Well, to quote RR Martin: “Winter is coming!” There was definitely way too much stuff to put in a single release, so we decided to split Summer and Winter. With so many ideas, we have plenty to do a full release with Winter Feys and Wyld Feys. I’ve already seen the sketches for that centerpiece… Oh my!

But this is SUMMER!!! Do you already have any campaign suggestions? What kind of scenarios are you planning for these characters? Tell us!

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