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Winter Fairies Of The Enchanted Forest

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Winter Fairies of the Enchanted Forest

Dear Adventurers of the Enchanted Forest, today we're meeting a bunch of small but very dangerous creatures, and also some of the most ancient trees of the forest...

The Quicklings

Quicklings are an evil version of the Pixies. But on top of being malevolent, they are extremely fast, to a point that they will sometimes appear just like a blur to the human eye. Despite their very small size, this ability makes them fairly dangerous and very hard to fight with regular combat tactics. They are always on the lookout to play evil pranks on whoever will cross their path.

The Redcaps

The Redcaps are murderous hideous little creatures. They wear red hoods that need to always stay wet from fresh blood and so they’re always on the lookout for something to kill. If their hood becomes dry, they will lose all their strength and power until they simply die. They may look like little funny ones, but don’t be fooled, they are the most vicious creatures of the fairy people.

The Pudwoodgies

The Pudwoodgies look like some little evil looking hedgehogs humanoids. Are they just a race of evil pranksters,or are they making evil pranks to protect the forest? Nobody agrees on this. One sure thing is that they will most of the time try to lure people to their death, or at least to very dangerous places and events. They can also shapechange and turn into small animals or creatures. They use nails and other simple tools that they scavenge as simple weapons. They may look somehow cute, but you should never trust them.

The Treekins

They are ancient trees from the deepest parts of the forest in which some spirits have become incarnated. They are fierce and terrifying warriors of awesome brutal strength. Even if most of the time they will not even appear like animated creatures, and rest calmly in their favorite grove, once something has sparked their fury, very few things will be able to stop them.

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Winter Fairies Enchanted Forest

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Dear Adventurers,

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