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Wild Orcs of the Black Moors

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Over 50 mesmerizing Ready-To-3D-Print* heroes, troops, monsters and scenery.
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 "I love the entire lot of them. The modular scenery fits brilliantly, the Orcs all look individual while still having the same look and the female Orcs all look lethal. It’s fantastic, I love the women with crossbows and the blood sorceress the most but all of them are great."

- WayWard Heart

"Not the biggest Orc fan, but when RH touches anything, they leave it better than they found it. It is a cool release as I've never seen Orcs done this well. It'll still be fun to print and paint. A new way to challenge my painting ability is always welcome! Good work! The beasts are cool too!"


"Zariath is gorgeous, Vakahn is gorgeous. I like them. But Kel Ween has a body type I don't think I've seen in your releases before and she is striking. I'm really glad you made this set as a follow-up (companion?) to the Celtic Fomorians. I love the raiders, blade slashers and impalers. "

- Oscar Hernandez Castillo

"I couldn't hit the Overlord subscription button fast enough. The orcs look STELLAR. Really great job!"

- testcow2604

"Do you ever stop making masterpieces? This is awesome"

- maza291

"You guys have really made my day. I loved the celt Orcs and these look great too. Very Happy."

 - flyebynite9735

Here is the full line-up of all the minis from this release.

Arcadian Elves 2 width=


From the release post

We worked hard to give them this wild vibe, but we didn't want them to look like the same old clueless brutes. They've got brawn, sure, but they've got smarts too, they sure know what they are doing. More than anything, we wanted them to be fierce, wild, swift, dangerous, and crazy strong.

We started by focusing on female characters because, well, that's our thing. But as we got into it, these truly unique male characters started to emerge. We started thinking of these creatures as part of a culture where slaying giant monsters is like a rite of passage, a way to earn respect because they're always under threat from these huge predators.

That's why we developed part of their look around this banner system made from bones and pieces of jaws from defeated giant creatures. Now, you can make an entire army of Orcs from this release alone. Throw in the Orcs from the Celt release, and you've got an even bigger force to be reckoned with.

We really wanted to give you a variety of troops and characters that would cover pretty much anything you need for your epic adventures or wargame scenarios. We're totally buzzing about how they look on the table. And let's not forget the scenery - you can use these elements to build some amazing tabletops, dioramas, or gaming tables.

All the epic backdrops in this video's images? Made using the scenery elements from this release. You can build a full-on tribal village that's completely modular. Plus, there's a ton of accessories for scatter terrain or dioramas, or to spice up your role-playing game.

We're very excited about this epic release. We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do and have great fun printing them, painting them, placing them on your table, and crushing your enemies with them. Let us know which ones are your favorites - we're eager to find out which characters you like the most.