Steampunk Adventurers of the Mechanium - June 2022

release content videos May 25, 2022

Hello dear Heroes Infinite subscribers!


As it is every month, it is time to share with you the result of the whole team’s hard work from the past few weeks. We were extremely proud and happy with the May Release showcasing the crazy stories happening in Mortenburg, and it feels like you liked it too.


But this month, I think I can say that the team is even more excited with this June release! You’ve been asking for steampunk characters for a very long time and what we are showing today will answer many of the requests we received in the past. 


It felt like you enjoyed the story-telling aspect of the Mortenburg video, so we doubled down this month and, truth is, we had fun doing it! 


Are you ready to face Professor Chronopheus and his armies of automatons?


Will you embark on our fascinating ship with your fellow of unusual adventurers to defeat the Professor’s mad schemes?


Well, take a look at the video and tell us!
Then COME BACK and read the rest of this post, we want to hear from you!!!!!


Here’s the video:


A plethora of options for games


First, I gotta ask: have you looked at the scenery? Once again, what you can build with the Modular Scenery in the OVERLORD tier is, quite simply, insane!


Now, regarding the characters, we’ve aimed to provide you with many options with this release:


  • If you are a hardcore Steampunk fan, you’ll get plenty to have fun with;
  • If you are more into Grimdark Gothic Punk, this release is also full of brilliant bounty for you;
  • Characters like Amelia, Balthazar or Astrid will also perfectly work in Fantasy Western settings;
  • Planescape and similar type settings will also find joy in this release;
  • There’s more, but I’ll stop here and ask you to take over:


We’d love you to share what games you have in mind for this release, as I’m sure your creativity will come up with many more ways to use the Steampunk Adventurers of the Mechanium characters and accessories… Can’t wait to read it!