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Steampunk Adventures of the Mechanium

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Over 50 mesmerizing Ready-To-3D-Print* heroes, troops, monsters and scenery.
Build a full wargaming army or stage an amazing role playing adventure.

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* All miniatures are available in both unsupported and supported format, ready to print on your 3D printer.

 "I love this membership....the level of detail is off the chain, with the pre-supported versions I've never had one fail, and the diversity is incredible... - Stephen Miller

I finally subscribed after a few months of amazing releases because the air ship centrepiece looked so good. As I am printing everything, Balthazar definitely catches my eye over and over again. There is a dynamism beyond posing and posturing that tells a story just by looking at it.

- Marc Alexandre Ladouceur

"First off, all the releases have been amazing, thank you. Secondly, the Mechanium is my favorite of all time."

- Daniel Nieto

"I'm very happy with the steampunk set.  I think its one of the only bundles i've ever bought where I could honestly see myself using every piece in it."

- James Hunter

"Wow I love the centerpiece ship, and the other models, they're so imaginative!"

- Morgan Mendenhall

"Amazing!!! I LOVE massive center-piece units - airships, landcrawler tanks, mounted creatures - more centerpiece units like this please :D"

 - Scott Woods


This amazing set of ready to 3D print miniatures comes fully supported.
This set is not yet available in physical miniatures but will be in the future.
If you're looking for physical resin miniatures, please visit our website

Steampunk Adventures of the Mechanium - Leader


A Story-driven Theme

As always, this is partly due to your suggestions: this Steampunk release is a more story-driven release, rather than a release based around a single faction.


Here is the full line-up of all the minis from this release.

Steampunk Adventures of the Mechanium width=

From the release post

Hello dear Heroes Infinite subscribers!

As it is every month, it is time to share with you the result of the whole team’s hard work from the past few weeks. We were extremely proud and happy with the May Release of 3d printable miniatures showcasing the crazy stories happening in Mortenburg, and it feels like you liked it too.

But this month, I think I can say that the team is even more excited with this June 3d printer files miniatures release! You’ve been asking for steampunk characters 3d printer miniature files for a very long time and what we are showing today will answer many of the requests we received in the past.  

Are you ready to face Professor Chronopheus and his armies of automatons?

Will you embark on our fascinating ship with your fellow of unusual adventurers to defeat the Professor’s mad schemes?