Pirates 2: Curse of the Dead Sea - July 2022 3d Printable Miniatures

release content videos Jun 29, 2022
Heroes Infinite Pirates Curse of the Dead Sea 3d Printable Files


Hello dear Heroes Infinite subscriber! 


In the last few polls we made, Pirates have come up quite often. With summer coming, we thought it would be the perfect time to hop onto a sea adventure


The first Pirates we did were in fact our very first Heroes Infinite release, more than two years ago!! In it, we featured a captain who had somehow lost his ship and was trying to rebuild a better fortune. 


In our new Pirate episode, the main character is a female pirate setting out to settle old grudges with two other captains who took advantage of her years ago. 


The only problem is that since that time, those two captains themselves got into a fight that cost them both their lives.  They were both so caught up into greed and bitterness that their dispute lived on and, even in death, they are still fighting their battle at the bottom of the sea. 


So in this new set of characters, we have both good and bad guys!


Since we’ve launched Heroes Infinite, what you get with your subscription has grown vastly and so, it was possible for us this time to include not only a group of good guys but also their enemies.


So here we’ve got a Pirate Queen with some of her crew but also two Captains with their nefarious Troops and, on top of that, additional creatures to help you spice up any adventure you might design. 


Queen, Captains, Creatures


The Pirate Queen comes with Hellance, her trusted acrobat, and a Tabaxian boarding troop. Her bodyguard is Braako the Bone Crusher, whose immense strength and fighting rage will be enough to face most enemies. However, should you trust her ship surgeon? This is really up to you but we are not sure we would... 


On the side of the bad guys we’ve got plenty of options. What exactly happened between the two Pirate Captains and the Pirate Queen? 


What we do know is that Sir Velguard the Greedy was a nobleman who turned to piracy because of pure gold lust. He and his crew were so obsessed with gold that in the end, they preferred to die and sink with the treasure instead of letting go and saving their lives. And so today, after their deaths, they roam at the bottom of the sea still chained to their treasures…


Captain Humgrain’s story is a completely different one. He took to the seas with his daughters and, over time, managed to raise a crew of the strongest pirates ever. But something terrible happened to him and his daughters. Some say that they encountered a powerful magical creature of the sea that laid a terrible curse on them and transformed them into half humans and half sea creatures condemned to live forever at the bottom of the sea


Could one of the magical  creatures who brought this curse upon them be the spirit of the drowned? Or was the curse laid by this ghostly figurehead that appears to sailors during heavy storms? There are a lot of mysteries to uncover in the sunken city that our two pirate crews now inhabit.


Characters and Creatures


Working on this release made us realize that coming up with characters who have a unique vibe is not that easy when it comes to pirates. While stories of Pirates fire up the imagination, it feels like a lot of the characters seem to always be the same. So we aimed to give you a little bit of the regular Pirate archetypes while also bringing you several unique looking characters and creatures that we think will bring a distinctive flavor to your games.


Talking about creatures and monsters, there were also a lot of requests for a second part of a Kingdom of the Depth release and here you’ve got plenty of new sea creatures that will perfectly complement that release. 


A Sunken World…


In terms of scenery, since we just made a boat for this month’s steampunk release, we thought we would go for something a little bit different and that is why we went for the Sunken environment and its boat wreckage.  This set of models,  scenery, and scattered terrain is extremely cool as you can see in the video. It allows you to build absolutely amazing underwater environments. There’s even Sir Velguard the Greedy’s pipe organ!


So we hope that you will be as excited as we are about this group of sea adventurers and that you’ll have a lot of fun playing with them. Playing a good pirate adventure is in my opinion the perfect plan for a summer game. As always, we would really love to know which are your favorite characters and what are your plans for them. So please enjoy the video and then share your thoughts in the comments below!


Check out the video here 


In other news


In one of my last posts, I asked you what you wanted us to do for the back to school season. As always, there were tons and tons of answers and I went through them several times to try and analyze your answers so as to come up with what you’d most like. 


So in a few days I will have another post answering your comments and telling you what’s coming up.


Also, we realize that there may have been some confusion or misunderstandings around our miniature painting contest rules for a few of you and so I will get back to that with some clarification very shortly.


And finally, I know that we are a bit late on this but we will give you the results of our short story contest as well.


We are currently working hard to get everything ready for the current release with little time left for everything else such as our contests but that is why we are constantly growing our team to be able to serve you even better and to give you an even more exciting experience with your Heroes Infinite subscription. 


So stay tuned for more info about all this. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed the video. On behalf  of all Heroes Infinite and Raging Heroes staff, I wish you a wonderful beginning of summer. Have fun and talk to you soon!