We need you for…

poll/survey Jun 08, 2022

Hello dear Heroes Infinite subscriber!


 Wow! Time flies so fast!!


Here at the studio, it feels like when it’s Tuesday evening, the week is already over! 

Because, you know, tomorrow is Wednesday and so, after that there are just two days left to finish everything that needs to be done, so we rush, rush, rush!


More work, more people, more stuff for you


Creating each release is an insane amount of work. 

And the work keeps on getting more and more ambitious.

When we started this project, we were just 3 people designing and sculpting, now we are sixteen !!!!


Yes, sixteen artists !!!


Well, you might have an idea of why….

We’ve kept on pushing and pushing in terms of quality and quantity. 


You’ve been getting more and more stuff and frankly, it keeps on looking better too. 


All of it for the same price !!

Are we insane?

Well… there is a very good chance we are…


For me it is very clear that with the last few releases we have reached another level of goodness. It is especially true if you look at the troops.

Check out the Steampunk troops of this month's release and compare them to some equivalent minis of big names in the industry and tell me what you think… 

We really outdone ourselves here.


And this brings me to the topic of this post…


What’s next


We have finally managed to have a full month of advance on releases. 


We did that by sculpting August’s release before July’s. 

It was a bold move in terms of schedule but it looks like it is paying off.

And so I can tell you about the next few releases and ask about what you want next.


Lost at Sea


July release will be a much asked-for, long-awaited follow-up to our very first Heroes Infinite release: the Pirates.


And this is where it ties back to the beginning of this post: this will give you a perfect opportunity to measure the evolution of our work and to better appreciate the quality of the current release. The first Pirate release was very cool and I like it very much, but you can already see that this upcoming one will be at a completely different level!


This time, our Pirate adventure will have a slightly darker tone with some cursed characters and a more supernatural vibe.


It will also serve as a cool follow-up to our Sea Creatures release, with really awesome new creatures of the Depth. This follow-up was also something that many of you kept asking for these last few months, so we are very excited to share that with you soon!

Pointy ears in space


And then in August will come another much awaited release: 


Arcadian Elves, Part II


This is already fully sculpted and I can tell you that it is blowing Part One out of the park!

Also, you may have noticed that Part One was not available in our shop after the release.

But Part One will be back in the shop soon, so don’t worry if you missed it.


And so, what do you want for September?


So after that super cool set of summer releases, we need to know what you will want for the back-to-school time.


Based on your previous feedback, we were thinking about making Part II of our Japanese themed release. After this current month’s Steampunk release and the upcoming Arcadian Elves, it was your biggest ask these past few months.

Is it still the case? 


We would love to do that but we are open to your suggestions. And of course, we carefully keep track of your ideas for future releases, so don’t hesitate to let us know what you want.


Please, let us know in the comments below.