High Elves of the Eternal Summits II (April 2022 Release Video)

release content videos Mar 28, 2022

Hello dear Heroes Infinite Subscriber!

Wow, it’s already been two years!

Can you believe it?

This release marks the second anniversary of the Heroes infinite project.

And we think this High Elves 3d printable miniatures release is just the perfect subject to celebrate!

Indeed, Part 1 of the High Elves  was our most popular Fantasy release ever, and many of you have asked for round 2. 

And for this special two-years-old celebration, we could not just do business as usual, so as you will see, there is A LOT of 3D printer miniature goodness here, even more than usual… 

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We love to hear your comments on which are your favourite models and how you plan to use them, so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

Happy watching, 

Benoit and the Heroes Infinite Team


PS/ Like the High Elves Part I release, this Part II was extremely demanding for the whole sculpting team. This is why the video is coming so late. This is also why we did not have a chance to answer some of your comments from last month. Seeing the final video, it may be hard to realize how many hours of work go into the making of a release, and why this particular one would be harder to make than another. The design for High Elves is way more demanding than for a lot of other releases we’ve done in the past. It’s work that we love to do, but it is extremely time-consuming, and it is a type of design that most of the sculptors in the team were not accustomed to. But in the end, we are delighted with the result and we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!