Welcome HOME!

Jan 01, 2023

Only for current subscribers to our Patreon Page:


We’re so excited to have you onboard!

Let’s get you started, shall we?

We’ve made a video to show you the onboarding process:


And just as a reminder, here are all the step-by-step instructions in case you get lost!

Attention, you will be asked to put your payment information on the checkout page in order to create your account. But do not worry, as you won’t be charged for this month. We just need that info to create your account. 


  1. Click on this link: https://www.heroesinfinite.com/store
  2. Choose the Tier you would like to subscribe to starting in October
  3. Enter your personal information on the checkout page
  4. Please use the exact same email address you used to subscribe to on Patreon. This is very important as we won’t be able to grant you access to the releases you subscribed to on Patreon if you use another email address.
  5. On the coupon field, copy and paste the following code: T99B4yvcobktY (coupon valid only if you subscribe during October 2023 on this platform).
  6. Click apply coupon code next to the coupon code field.
  7. The amount billed for this month's subscription will be $0 
  8. Click "place your order now"
  9. ​Once your subscription payment is validated, your Heroes Infinite account will be created on HeroesInfinite.com within the NEXT HOUR. You will receive an email with your login details with your password.
  10. ​You’ll have access to the STL files from the current month's collection in your profile and the files from your previous subscriptions. Please note that the files for the current release are made available to everybody between the 2nd and the 3rd day of the month.
  11. Finally, go to Patreon and unsubscribe from Heroes Infinite's Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/pledges (this is very important so you won’t get billed twice for the same release).


If you have any questions, you can contact us here or use the chat window ( bottom right corner).

We’ll be monitoring the live chat and emails. However, we may have a lot of messages to answer at once. Please don’t worry if you don’t get an answer right away, we’ll get back to you as soon we are available.

Also, please keep in mind that most of the Heroes Infinite team members are not always native English speakers. They may sometimes have creative grammar and spelling but they’ll make sure you get the answers you need :)

We also have a Facebook Group where you can exchange with all your fellow Heroes Infinite Supporters: https://www.facebook.com/groups/heroesinfinite/ (It is a closed group, once on the page, you’ll need to send a request to join).

Thank you so much for your support and WELCOME HOME!

The Heroes Infinite Team


Please note that if you’re NOT currently a Patreon subscriber (or if you haven't yet paid for this month's subscription on Patreon) and you decide to use the coupon code, you WILL be billed for this month's Release and then monthly afterwards for your HeroesInfinite.com subscription.