Empires of the Eastern Suns (January 2022 Release)

release content videos Dec 28, 2021

Hi! Turn up the volume and enjoy our Release Video:

Hello dear Heroes Infinite supporter, and Happy Holidays to you!

Could this January release be our Christmas gift to you?

In a sense I think it is because…. Oh boy, what a crazy release!!!!

Every month, you are making us very happy with awesome comments like “Once again, you outdid yourselves!” or “This is the best release ever!”

Well, I think this time we really outdid ourselves!

The release is crazy cool but that is not all:

There is SO MUCH STUFF in it, especially if you are subscribed directly to  HeroesInfinite.com rather than on Patreon (by the way, it is super easy to switch and you get so many bonuses).


Awesome Characters

We debated a lot about mixing several Asian cultures for this release but there was way too much stuff to cover and so we decided to focus mostly on Japanese mythology for now. 

Of course we gave these characters a Raging Heroes / Heroes Infinite twist and made sure you had enough stuff to stage some amazing adventures or battles.

So, let’s look a bit more in detail about the content of the release and the 3d printable miniatures you'll receive.

I read and re-read your comments and suggestions for that project as they are always the foundation of each new release. 

Kitsunes were a big ask of yours so we made this very beautiful Kitsune woman and her giant Kitsune Fox. Or is it the same character transforming from human shape to animal shape? This is for you to decide.

Of course we needed some Onis and Ninjas. And you also asked for Kirins, Foo Lions and Dragons. How could we cram all this sculpting work for the 3d printer files miniatures in the time we have to make a single release? Honestly I don’t know how we did it, but it worked!

Have you seen these Foo Lions riding Samuraïs? What a super cool unit!

Since most of the characters and troops range from the somewhat mysterious to the totally grim, I also wanted to add some sort of comic relief, or at least let’s say a lighter touch. I took inspiration from Dragon Ball Z and that’s how I came up with the Old Master riding his Turtle.


Amazing Buildings

But let’s talk about the buildings for a sec…

First there is the Empress Palanquin… Well… it is not exactly only a building. Or should I say, it’s much more than a building! 

This amazing contraption is sure to strike awe and terror in the eye of anyone who will cross its path. It is without a doubt the most amazing vehicle we’ve ever created. 

This piece was not part of the original plan for this release. It is something that grew from various ideas and that was too tempting not to make, even if the roster of the release was already more than full. That’s why we’ve made it as a gift to our most dedicated followers (In fact it is probably something like 75% of you now) who are subscribed at Overlord level on the HeroesInfinite.com platform. 

Once again, if you want to switch from a Patreon account to a HeroesInfinite.com account, it is super easy and it has TONS of benefits and the best stl miniatures.

Then there is the Centerpiece. Which is quite amazing on its own.

We said we were sizing down our Centerpieces but we have a hard time doing this.
However, this is probably one of the last ones at this size. 

We want to make elements that you can print more easily and it means making things a little bit less big. We are still working on this so all your ideas are welcome.

Finally, there is the modular set. I won’t say anything about it… The images speak for themselves. Pretty insane…


Onward to 2022

With the New Year being so close, it’s the perfect opportunity to thank you once again for your enthusiasm, your passion, your support. 

The Heroes Infinite adventure keeps on growing and getting stronger. When we launched our very own HeroesInfinite.com platform, we were unsure about how you would respond to it. And up to now the response has been amazing. It looks like you like all the features of the website a lot. And so we will continue developing it during 2022.

If you have not visited HeroesInfinite.com yet, it’s time to go and take a peek at all the 3d printer miniature files!

You might remember the poll we did about 3 months ago. We asked you what you wanted us to do for future release. Following your answers we went for Slavic Mythology in December, and now Japan mythology in January. The third most popular ask was High Elves, so this is what the February release will be about. We’ve already started on it and it’s gonna be glorious STLs for your 3d printers!

But for now, let’s focus on the Empires of the Rising Suns!

What are your favorite characters? Please let us know what you plan to do with them, it is always so exciting for us to discover what ideas these new miniatures inspire you.