๐Ÿ’ฅChaos Across the Galaxy - June 2024 Release Video ๐Ÿš€๐ŸŒŒ

release content videos May 30, 2024
Hellgrid Bloodrage, the embodiment of battle wrath

Hello dear Miniature Enthusiast!

How are you today? 

If for any reason, life has been giving you lemons recently, this here should brighten your day! 

I hope you are ready for your monthly dose of badassery because, oh boy, does this release deliver!

Do you know what happens when you mix the craziness of the Heroes Infinite team with the theme of “heavily armored angry boys and girls setting the galaxy ablaze because they’re listening to too much Rammstein”?

Well… this is bad… this should not be allowed !!!

Be sure to be seated because this is strong stuff…

This new collection is absolutely crazy, and it will make your friends go pale with envy when you’ll drop your new army on the table. 

You should be proud!

First of all, this is ONLY thanks to your relentless support and pride of your Heroes Infinite minis that we get the means to create a release like this one.

So if YOU like what you see, YOU can be PROUD, because this is what YOU helped bring to life!

So go ahead, watch that video, enjoy, giggle with excitement, go crazy, drool a little, sacrifice a few gummy bears to the Dark Gods and then… 

Go on your socials and share the video! 

Tell them how proud and excited you are! 

Show them what badass evil minis really do look like! 

And tell them that THESE MINIS ARE ALL YOURS and that YOU made them happen!

Boy, you earned this big time and we cannot thank you enough for your support! 


You want us to WHAT???  

Well, it came through your messages, emails, comments…

Hundreds of voices like a dark incantation: “Sci-Fi Chaos, Sci-Fi Chaos, Sci-Fi Chaos…”

You wanted Sci-Fi Chaos…

But we knew this release had to be very special. 

So to make sure we would make the very best possible miniatures ever, we went back and looked at some of the best things we ever did, whether it was from the Fantasy Chaos Collection Part I and Part II or from some other releases. 

And we used some of these characters as a base to make this Sci-Fi Collection.

You probably already know that this is also something we do just for the fun of it, because we like to see some of our favorite Heroes Infinite characters turned into something new and different.

The twist we took on this collection was very simple: 

We took everything we had and we turned it to 11.

We think there will definitely be a before and after this collection.

So what’s in that mix of chaotic degenerated maniacs? 

As always, in this collection you have a bunch of amazing charismatic Heroes and Heroines, some crazy cool looking Troops in super dynamic poses and some crazy cool looking Monsters and Giant Machines.

And to spice things up a bit, enough Scenery to build the best table you ever had.

I won’t go into much details about the Characters because they're all extremely cool in my opinion and there is not much else to say. If you want to know more about them, there is a Lore section at the end of this post. 

No, this time I want to focus on the Monsters and the Centerpiece and the Troops.

So… Monsters & Centerpiece… Well, well… What do you think???

Arggggh… THEY ARE F****** NUTS!!!

You don’t get one, you don’t get two, you don’t get three…

You get FOUR massive flesh and metal monstrosities made of pure evil!

I don’t think we ever had a release with such a massive onslaught of giant creatures. And… Just look at them!

Ok, ok, let me calm down a bit… Let's talk about the Troops.

For the Troops, I really wanted to give them a vibe that would be close to a hero’s vibe. I wanted them alive, into the action, dangerous and all about destruction. And the team did extremely well on that.  Look at these Annihilators… They are just like living mutated walking tanks trashing the battlefield!

And the Blessed Ones. Aren’t they just the embodiment of Berserk Action meets Chaos Mutation?

And the Bikes… 

I have to admit, we did some nice bikes in the past but I always felt that we could have done better. We never had the concept artists or the sculptors who felt really comfortable with that before. 

But this time…

I LOVE these Bikes! The design just screams Chaos to me. They look heavy without looking like a brick. They look fast and powerful and evil. They just make you want to turn up some heavy metal to the max and blaze through the wasteland, firing your gun like a maniac!

Better printing experience?

Ok, so how can you get the most out of this release? 

I guess a lot of you will want to print mostly everything that is there.

This is also probably an army that you will want to keep for a long time. 

So in the next few days we will share a post with some info and a selection of tutorials to help you get the most out of this collection and of all your other future prints. 

When we launched Heroes Infinite, our biggest surprise was to discover that a lot of our clients didn’t realize how they could get better prints with just a few tweaks. 

You don't want to miss out on this incredible army and there are many ways to get better prints. We have to look into that.

And if sometimes you get discouraged by the fact that you're getting too many failed prints, that printing is taking too long, that you have problems with support and so on and so forth, we want to help you get a better experience, so stay tuned for that upcoming post. 

We will do our best to bring you effective tips and tricks that will make printing better and easier. 

And as always…

You can bet that, more than ever, we want to know what is your favorite miniature of the release!

What are you gonna do with it?

What are the ones you want to print first? 

We also would like to know how you're gonna paint them.

What story will you tell with those characters? 

If you're building up an army, which hero will be the leader of your army? 

How are you going to set up your troops?

What are your plans on this? 

And you know what? 

YOU might not realize this but…

When you write all about that down in the comments, a lot of the people in the Heroes Infinite community are really interested in knowing what your plans are because it inspires them!

This is a perfect opportunity to exchange ideas, to brainstorm on stuff that might make your and their army very unique and special. 

So go ahead, it’s your chance to inspire others.

…Or to corrupt them into the dark ways of CHAOS !!!


Chaos Release Names and Lore


Elizara the Voidqueen

A formidable Chaos queen sorceress encased in eldritch armor, Elizara rules with an iron will and wields the chaotic energies that twist the very fabric of reality. Her armor, an intricate fusion of dark metals and arcane symbols, pulses with an eerie light. Her demon skull helmet, a relic from a forgotten era, enhances her already formidable powers, making her an almost invincible force.

Despite the fear she instills, Elizara is also revered for her wisdom and strategic mind.

Lord Tyrus the Destroyer

A towering figure clad in chaos-touched armor, Lord Tyrus wields his massive sword effortlessly, his cape dancing in the tumultuous winds summoned by his mere presence. His armor, a dark amalgamation of metal and arcane energy, pulses with a sinister glow, each plate inscribed with ancient runes of power. His cape, torn and tattered from countless battles, flows behind him like a banner of doom. It flutters violently in the chaotic winds that seem to rise at his command, a visual testament to the destruction he brings.As long as he walks the earth, there will be no respite from the chaos he brings, no end to the destruction that follows in his wake.

Valkari Hellspark

Armed with a lethal thunder hammer and a demonic bolt gun, Valkari exudes charisma and combat prowess, her presence undeniable as she dominates the warzones.

Valkari’s charisma is as potent as her combat abilities. She inspires those around her, her confidence and determination infectious. Her presence on the battlefield is a rallying point for her allies, who fight harder and hold the line with renewed vigor when she leads the charge.

Valkari’s tactical acumen allows her to outthink and outmaneuver her opponents, turning the tide of battle in her favor. She understands the ebb and flow of combat, positioning herself where she can make the most significant impact, whether breaking through enemy lines or holding a critical position.

Ravanna, captain of the Vultures

Clad in her vulture armor, Ravanna wields a gigantic lance, plummeting from the skies through the clouds of chaos magic.

The battlefield fog swirls around her as she charges forward, her silhouette cutting through the haze like a phantom. Her presence is both awe-inspiring and terrifying, a beacon of bloodlust that cannot be ignored.

Ravanna’s every action is driven by a burning fury and a predatory spirit. All her enemies know that no one can escape her piercing gaze as she soars across the skies leading her troops. She just lives for the kill,  ready to dive on the most prestigious opponent she will slay and bring back to her nest as a macabre trophy. 

Mordecai Soulrender

With horns towering from his silhouette and a staff of snakes and spikes, Mordecai conjures devastating spells, laying waste to all who stand before him with the force of his will. His horned figure, looming ominously against the backdrop of chaos, strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies. The horns, twisting upward like dark spires, accentuate his malevolent presence, casting a shadow that signifies doom for those who dare to oppose him.

Mordecai's staff, a nightmarish creation of intertwining serpents and cruel spikes, is a conduit for his immense magical power. The serpent's writhe and hiss as if alive, their eyes glowing with an eerie light, while the spikes shimmer with a deadly gleam. This grotesque weapon channels his dark energy, transforming his sinister thoughts into cataclysmic spells that rip through the battlefield with relentless fury.

As he strides through the chaos of battle, laying waste to all who stand before him and Mordecai's legend grows, a testament to his unyielding might and his relentless pursuit of darkness.

Katriel the Betrayer

With a menacing demeanor, Katriel is cloaked in mystery and terror, her face obscured by a skull mask. She is the very essence of treachery as she deliberately chose to sell her own people to the gods of chaos in exchange of immense powers.

Her skull mask, combined with her shadowy cloak, shrouds her in an aura of fear and uncertainty. No one ever sees her true face, only the macabre visage that symbolizes her detachment from humanity and loyalty.

The greatsword she carries is a fearsome weapon, an heirloom from her past life, its blade now etched with evil runes and stained with the blood of the ones who used to trust her. 

Katriel's demeanor is one of cold calculation and relentless pursuit of her own goals. She operates beyond the bounds of loyalty, her actions driven by self-interest and a thirst for power. Her eyes, hidden behind the mask, are sharp and perceptive, always analyzing, always planning. Those who look into the mask's empty sockets feel an unsettling chill, as if gazing into the abyss itself.

Hellgrid Bloodrage

Hellgrid Bloodrage, the embodiment of battle wrath, storms through conflicts with her massive power axe and the clanking chains of her enemies’ skulls. Her allure is deadly, her presence on the battlefield akin to a tempest of vengeance. As a berserker, she channels raw destruction, each swing of her axe sowing fear into the hearts of her foes.

Her chainsaw axe is an imposing weapon, its enormous blade gleaming with a savage light. The axe is not just a tool of war but an extension of Hellgrid’s ferocious spirit, a symbol of her unrelenting wrath and indomitable will. 

Hellgrid’s chains, adorned with the skulls of her fallen enemies, clank ominously as she moves. These macabre trophies swing from her armor, adding to the chaotic symphony of destruction that accompanies her every step. 

She is a living tempest, a force of nature that leaves nothing but destruction in her wake.

Vorn, the Dark Judicar

Vorn, the formidable Dark Judicar Executioner, is a tower of dread and resolve on the battlefield. Armed with a massive power axe, he roams the landscapes, guided by the sinister whispers of Chaos Gods to dispense final judgment. Each trophy head adorning his gallow pole whispers of a merciless fate delivered.

His imposing figure, clad in armor marked by the sigils of Chaos, strides across the battlefield with an aura of inevitable doom.

The gallow pole he carries is a grim testament to his ruthless efficiency. Adorned with the severed heads of his enemies, each one a trophy of a life ended by his hand, it stands as a macabre reminder of his deadly prowess. These heads, twisted in their final moments of terror, serve as both a warning and a symbol of the judgment he dispenses. The whispers of these heads, filled with torment and despair, echo around him, a constant reminder of the fate that awaits those who defy the will of the Chaos Gods.

 Corvix, the Hellbringer

A herald of doom, Corvix the Hellbringer preaches the dire scriptures of chaos with his mighty mace and bolter gun. With his disfigured servants trailing, he sows terror and mayhem, propagating evil with every bullet and blow, a true disciple of destruction.

His grotesque servants are wretched beings, transformed by the dark energies of chaos, following Corvix with fanatical loyalty. Their presence adds to the aura of terror that surrounds him, their crooked forms a testament to the corrupting influence of the chaos he serves. 

Corvix's dedication to the scriptures of chaos is absolute, his existence a testament to their dark power. Corvix sees himself as a vessel through which the will of chaos is made manifest, his every action a sermon, his every kill an offering. Corvix’s existence is a testament to the power of chaos, his every action a reminder of the terrible fate that awaits those who oppose the dark gods.


Gorgath the Realmcleaver

Towering over the battlefield, Gorgath the Realmcleaver’s armored form and expansive wings cast a menacing shadow. Wielding a serrated blade capable of cleaving soul from flesh, Gorgath is a demonic entity of raw destruction, and beneath him, a macabre carpet of skulls bears witness to his ruthless dominion.

Hexathrax Soulspliter 

Half chaos warrior, half relentless war machine, the Hexathrax Soulspliter prowls the battlefield. Its spider-like mechanical legs skitter amongst the remains of the fallen, a grotesque blend of metal and sinew. Equipped with devastating firepower and lethal close-combat prowess, this creature embodies the nightmarish fusion of technology and demonology.

The Hexathrax's origins are shrouded in dark rituals and forbidden technologies. Created by the most twisted minds among the chaos cults, it is a testament to their mastery of both demonic magic and mechanical engineering. The Hexathrax is not just a weapon; it is a symbol of the chaos gods' unyielding power and their desire to spread terror and destruction across the universe.

Crawlexus Spider

Created in the dark forges of chaos gods, the Crawlexus Spider is a horrific fusion of arachnid precision and mechanized terror. Its immense size and destructive capabilities instill fear in the hearts of all who gaze upon it, as it crushes foes beneath its mechanical limbs and unleashes havoc with unrelenting force.

The creation of the Crawlexus is a testament to the dark gods' ability to meld flesh and machine into instruments of pure terror. Forged in the most forbidden forges, its very existence is a blasphemy against the natural order. Each Crawlexus is driven by an insatiable hunger for destruction, its every action a tribute to the malevolent forces that created it.


Abyssal Marauders

The Abyssal Marauders are cloaked in sinister armor that shimmers with an unholy aura. Armed with chainsaw swords and bolt guns, their battlefield presence is a ghastly blend of brutality and precision. A select few command heavier weaponry, adding relentless firepower to their savage assaults.

Blightwheel Legions

Cruising the war zones on heavily armored chaos bikes, the Blightwheel Legions are a rapid assault force that leaves only ruins in their wake. Their enhanced bikes roar with the power of contained storms, making them unstoppable in their charge.

The Blessed Ones

Transformed beyond recognition, the Blessed Ones are the twisted result of chaos corruption. Their bodies, a horrific blend of flesh and warped armor, wield limbs transformed into monstrous weapons for close-quarters slaughter.

The Vultures

The Vultures descend upon the battlefield with terrifying velocity, their jet packs roaring with infernal fire. Equipped with ripping claws, they are a death-from-above threat that can strike with precise and lethal force.

The Annihilators

Towering over the chaos ranks, the Annihilators embody the true might of chaos. Their bodies are fortresses melded with organic and mechanical destruction, constantly morphing into new weaponery capable of unleashing hellish firepower at will.

→ Centerpiece

Infernal Obliviator

A massive walking steel fortress, towering above the war-torn land, bristling with cannons and dark energy emitters, the Iron Bastion is a symbol of the chaos faction’s indomitable presence on the battlefield, designed to coordinate devastating assaults.