Arcadian Elves 2 - Release Video August 2022

release content videos Jul 30, 2022



So, it is finally here!  Arcadian Elves 2, the much awaited

sequel of our first Arcadian Elves release.

I won’t say a lot today because frankly, I think the images speak for themselves.

This new release is jam-packed with awesomeness and the video is simply amazing

Sit down, relax and crank up the volume!

Watch the video here! ⬇️



This blog post also gives me the opportunity to clear up a few things.


Do you want more stuff and a better experience? 


First of all, if you subscribe to instead of (here’s how to switch over), you get cool perks and bonuses:


This month’s biggest bonus is undoubtedly the gigantic Colossus


It is available only when obtained through our website, alongside other exclusives such as the Prophet on Jet Bike.


Another big advantage of purchasing through is that your files are automatically stored online in your personal library. You will have lifetime access to them, whether you stay subscribed or not. They are also automatically upgraded when we fix or update anything.


Being subscribed to also gives you special low price access to past collections through a discount code that is shared every month inside the current monthly release.


And overall, gives you a much better user experience than Patreon and uses a navigation system that we have designed to be much better suited to your needs.


You will easily navigate to your various collections:

  • It is a breeze to locate the models you want to print in each collection as your files are sorted by type (Heroes, Troops, Creatures, …); 
  • There are preview images for each model
  • You can even mark as ‘done’ the ones you’ve already printed! 


You can also handily check out all the images and videos of our outstanding previous collections, and purchase any of them in a couple of clicks, and have them swiftly show up into your personal account, ready to be 3D printed!


Arcadian Elves First Release?


If you missed the first Arcadian Elves collection last November, make sure to remain (or become) a subscriber (instead of a subscriber).


That is because we are making the first release of Arcadian Elves available again in the shop in August and you’ll get a much sweeter deal on them if you are a subscriber!


We did not make this collection available for purchase earlier because we had to alter several details in some of the sculpts. Watch the video!



IMPORTANT: If you already were a subscriber last November 2021 and had access to the first Arcadian Elves Release through your subscription, these new versions of updated models will become available in early August in STL (3D printable) files and will be automatically added to your personal space in


Most of them will also be sold as physical resin miniatures at The first models will be released in Mid August and more physical models will show up throughout September.


Epicness all the way!

So this is it! 


With these two releases, you get the opportunity to assemble the most amazing Space Elves army ever. 


You get crazy cool troops, heroes and vehicles, but also what we think is the coolest scenery set ever made for this type of army. 


Imagine what your gaming table is going to look like!!!


Don’t delay, it’s time to get these printers hot and running!


And hey, please please tell us which are your favorites and/or which ones you are going to print first (interestingly enough, for some people, these are not always the same…)!!!