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A Dance with the Vampires, part III

Hello, dear Heroes Infinite subscriber. It's already time for Halloween. Can you believe how fast time flies?

As always for Halloween, we know you're keen on dark, creepy, and vicious yet mesmerizingly beautiful horrors. The kind that jump out of the night and give you those enjoyable chills.

First, here's the release video!! Then, please come back to learn more, find out about the bonus unit, and share your faves with us.


Vampire Chronicles: A New Chapter

You've loved our unique vampire characters since the beginning of Raging Heroes and Heroes Infinite. A Dance with the Vampires and its sequel, A Dance with the Vampires II were big hits, and the clamor for more is undeniable. 

So, with a twist in mind for this shadowy season, we decided to pit our beloved vampires against another formidable force: the king of the skeletal realm. Today, you get to dive into an epic where our newest vampire characters face off against the mightiest skeletal king.

The excitement we hold for this release is immense. Our prior vampires were impressive, but this collection? It goes beyond. The intricacies, the charisma, the sheer presence of these characters are unparalleled, and the skeletal foes they face are every bit their match. The designs, from the characters to the scenery, promise to captivate.


The Battle of Evils

But why these two factions? 

Well, we envisioned a world where dark clashes with dark, fighting for the very essence of humanity. 

It’s the dance of formidable titans in ancient necropolises and a fierce contest in the skies.


A full mounted unit for FREE?

In this release, we also have a very special gift for you: The Nailed Hunters, a full bonus additional mounted unit riding Carrion Hounds. You’ll have access to that bonus if you are subscribed as an Overlord on our Heroes Infinite website.

This unit was not part of our original plan for this release, but there was a misunderstanding with one of our sculptors, who worked on this unit by mistake. When we realized what happened, we told him: “OK, let’s finish it and we’ll add it as a bonus to our subscribers”. 

It’s our Halloween gift to you, in thanks for your ongoing support!


Meet the Legends

As you've expressed interest in character lore, we're thrilled to present detailed narratives for some standout figures in this release:



Queen Seraphina of the Crimson Court

A master strategist and political genius, Seraphina secured her reign through alliances, betrayal, and the mysterious disappearance of her rivals. Known for her crimson gown that mirrors the color of fresh blood, she is a queen of ruthless elegance, a poisonous rose full of thorns.

King Vladislav the Bloodthirsty

Vladislav is a king born from the nightmares of humanity. He stands as a pillar of strength and stability in a world of chaos. With a keen mind and a heart as cold as steel, he leads his armies with an unyielding resolve, carving out a kingdom where vampires can rule with terror and sheer force.

Arch Father Moros the Forsaken

Moros’ soul is as twisted as the dark arts he practices. Once a respected figure in the church, he fell from grace, embracing the vampiric nature to fulfill his lust for power and immortality. His sermons are a perverse blend of scripture and dark magic, drawing in those lost in despair.

Sister Katerina the Damned

Katerina traded her vows of chastity and piety for an eternity of darkness and lust. She seduces and corrupts the innocent, leading them into a world of sin and death with a sultry smile and a deadly kiss. Her unholy prayers echo through the night, a chilling hymn of death and despair.

Princess Elara the Moonchild

Born under a blood moon, Elara possesses a strange connection to the celestial bodies that grants her unparalleled power over the night. A reluctant heir, she seeks to forge a different path, torn between her duty to her family and her desire for freedom.

Warlock Zorya the Soulseer

Zorya peers into the abyss and sees the secrets hidden within the souls of mortals. A warlock of unmatched mystical power, she navigates the complex web of fate and destiny, manipulating the threads to suit her dark purposes.

Evelinathe Silent Death

Evelina combines grace with ruthlessness, darting through battles with inhumane agility. Trained in the deadliest forms of combat, she is a master of stealth and infiltration, her allegiance belonging only to the highest bidder.

Rurik the Cruel, Knight of the Bloodshadows

Sadistic and unforgiving, Rurik has a heart as dark as the deepest abyss, devoid of any shred of humanity or compassion. A true disciple of darkness, his soul is bound to the underworld, granting him demonic strength and resilience. He leads a legion of nightmarish creatures, hell-bent on bringing the world to its knees in service to his malevolent desires.



Sir Mortis, the Deathbringer

Sir Mortis is a knight devoid of flesh and fear, a harbinger of death on the battlefield. His skeletal frame is a maze of dark runes, each one a testament to a fallen enemy, a silent, grim catalog of his countless victories.



King Necroloth, the Liche Overlord

Necroloth has forged an empire from the bones of the fallen, wielding immense power that defies the very laws of life and death. His eerie presence is heralded by the shadow of his titanic bat wings, under which the land withers and dies, succumbing to his necrotic influence.

Bonescythe the Soul Harvester

Bonescythe is an entity of unthinkable horror, a skeletal dragon whose vast body is a grotesque collection of the skulls of its prey, each one a vessel for a tormented soul screaming in silent agony. This necrotic repository grants Bonescythe a pulsating reservoir of dark energy, empowering it to rain death and devastation from above. Its flight is a macabre dance of death, each beat of its bony wings a silent testament to the untold thousands it has consumed in its unholy feast of souls.



The Skellrex Guards

The Skellrex Guards stand vigilant, their halberd a symbol of death and protection. Like unholy saints from a forgotten time, with every soul they take, their power grows, their skeletal frame absorbing the energies of the fallen, transforming them into a formidable force on the battlefield.

The Nailed Legion

These damned soldiers are a sight of horror, bodies pierced with enchanted nails that seal their restless spirits within their skeletal frames. Denied the release of death, they march with a rage that echoes through eternity, their swords and shields the instruments of their never-ending torment.

The Nailed Riders

These skeletal warriors have been granted the horrific honor of being mounted on equally damned steeds. Their charges are a symphony of clattering bones and anguished whinnies, a cavalry of the damned riding to war with cold, merciless determination, an eerie, unstoppable force bearing down on their enemies.

The Carrion Pack

The Carrion Hounds are a grotesque parody of the giant wolves they once were, their bodies now skeletal and decaying, yet retaining a savage, predatory intelligence. They hunt with a relentless bloodlust, a pack of nightmares stalking the night with an insatiable hunger for flesh and blood.

The Viperians

These vampiric harpies are the epitome of dangerous beauty, blending the grace of the court with the predatory nature of a bird of prey. Dressed in the finest silks that flow beautifully as they engage in aerial dances resembling the most passionate tango, their elegant moves belie deadly intent. Beneath the folds of their exquisite garments, their lower halves are sinuous snake tails, ready to constrict and crush the life out of their enchanted prey.

The Nailed Hunters

These Nailed riders have been granted Carrion Hounds mounts capable of materializing out of the shadows.


It’s your turn!

We wish you a spellbinding Halloween! May you revel in adventures with these mighty beings!

As always, we are so very keen to find out which are your favorites and how you plan to use them, so please add your comments below please!!

And get ready for a fabulous Halloween!