April 2024 Release:

Arthur's Crusade to the Necropolis Sands

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We wanted to have a Spellcaster that would have a very special vibe. We came up with Lady Isolde and I don't think I ever saw a Spellcaster with those looks. She definitely looks like a medieval noble lady, and at the same time, she has that massive presence of a high-ranking Spellcaster.

 Of course, we needed a powerful Knight to lead the crusade alongside Arthur, who, by the way, is still available in our first Arthurian release. So we created Sir Agravain.

 But let's talk about the evil guys, too, because I think we did a very cool job on them. First, of course, we have the Queen of Darkness and Undeath, Neferkha, who comes in three different variants, depending if you want to have her with her giant zombie snake, or if you want her with her queen crown, or without it.

 Then we have Anub'rek, the High Priest of Shadows, who, in my opinion, is one of the most amazing undead spellcasters I've ever seen as a miniature. I absolutely love how the spell coming from his magic tablets comes and whispers in his ear. And how, at the top of his staff, there is that scale measuring the value of a human heart against a feather.

Then you've got Amseth, the Eternal Queen's Champion, who, like her Queen, must have been a stunningly beautiful warrior when she was alive. And she is now covered in mummification bandages and amazing gold armor.

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Arthur's Crusade to the Necropolis Sands

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