Warriors of the Secret Jungle (March 2022 Release Video)

release content videos Feb 26, 2022

Hello dear Heroes Infinite Subscriber,

So, here it is!

As promised this month is about Aztec-inspired fantasy. 

It really was a blast to create as it was full of stuff we never worked on before: the jungle vibe, the lizardfolks, the amazing mesoamerican culture, the feather ornaments, the incredible architecture… 

The whole team was super excited about this theme and I guess it shows!

The characters are mysterious and majestic, we are extremely happy with our take on the lizard people, and the scenery elements are, as always, completely insane…

We hope you like them as much as we do because there are still so many characters still to do that it would be awesome to add a part two to this set!

Anyway, have fun watching the video and let us know what characters you like best :)

Happy watching, 

Benoit and the Heroes Infinite Team