Fury of the Dark Elves (September 2021 Release Video)

release content videos Aug 28, 2021



Here they are! The magnificent, haughty and evil Dark Elves!!!

I am so excited with this month’s 3d printable miniatures release as we’ve been working on Dark Elves for a long time now and this release brings our Raging Heroes Dark Elves to a new level.

We did our 1st Dark Elves army back in 2015. It was awesome. But still, there were things I wasn’t totally happy with. And there was also some stuff missing. With this new release, I think we’ve achieved something even more epic and we’re lining up our Dark Elves range with the vision I had.

I'm super thrilled for you guys because I think that this release is truly unique and that at the moment, there isn’t any other Dark Elves line of 3d printer miniature files available on the market as cool as this.

And for those of you who play Sci-Fi, you’ll notice that there is a little treat (well, a somewhat big treat) for you too ;)

Many Characters and Creatures for Many Different Uses

As always, we try to give you multiple gaming options. While this release is really focused on one race, it is no exception. So let's dive in:

Characters, Characters, Characters...

This month gives you tons of options to stage great games that involve Dark Elves in many ways.

First, if you are into RPG, many of these new characters would be perfect to use as your own PC such as the fierce assassin Vixx, the badass sorceress Sankuri or the mighty elite fighter Xiel-Ker, to name a few.

If you are mastering an adventure involving Dark Elves, many characters are just perfect to make mid-level NPC characters that your gamers will have to face and interact with before facing the real big terrifying bosses. Having characterful opponents like this in a game is always a very big plus for everybody: more fun for the GM, more challenges for the PCs ;)

The ones that immediately come to mind are the wild and unpredictable Kraash who comes in two versions (a great option to give new challenges to your PCs), the ruthless and stormy Yarkhil Dreth, or the high ranking and powerful Lord Askarian, Lady Darkryss, and Mistress Keriah. You don’t want to recklessly mess with these people...

And then, when your PCs have shed enough sweat and tears, it’s time to introduce them to the really big baddies…

Time to face the machiavellian Queen Malferiah and the nefarious King Kaelith!

And even more dangerous: King Kaelith on his Chimera

Oh, the PCs thought they were done?

It’s time to unleash the apocalypse with a Dark Elf God’s incarnation!

Grab the best stl miniatures on the market!

Zar-Kann, the Incarnation of Fury, is the ultimate Dark Elf big bad guy and he will fill your friends with rightful terror!

You can use him in your RPG session as well as in your space dark elf army!

And of course the Chimera is also a versatile monster, suitable for a vast array of armies and adventures.

Are you a Wargamer?

If you say “Yes”, you’re probably doing it with a big grin on your face right now…

Because, let’s face it: what you have here is honestly the bestest ever offer to build a Dark Elves army! You have a full army of 3d printer files miniatures at your disposal with an amazing selection of troops and monsters and some drop dead gorgeous characters.  

Everything you could ask for to swiftly crush your enemies!

Seriously, have you seen this Blood Altar?

And all the Troops?

They are all based on our existing Dark Elves Troops, yet modified to look even better than the original versions or to fill roles that were not available in our range until now. If you already have a Raging Heroes Dark Elves army, today it’s Christmas just for you!

Super Sleek Scenery!

This month’s scenery is really, really cool!
We’ll post additional images of it in the next few days, we just didn’t had any room left in the video edit to truly do it justice, but you can do SO MUCH with it:

Underground corridors and passageways,

crystal forests,

high standing pools,

stalactites and stalagmites…

All of this can be mixed and matched to create a totally unique and stunning gaming environment.

And then, for the final encounter… The Centerpiece.

Can you imagine using this for your D&D mini stls?

The Throne of Queen Malferiah, carved in rock, adorned with giant crystals, built against ancient crumbled dizzyingly high arches and stairways…

What a place to end a campaign!

I have to say, this is one of my favorite centerpieces ever!

It’s Your Turn!

We really hope you enjoy this release packed with so, so much STL goodness for 3d printer!

Please share with us which character is your favourite (if it’s too hard, a Top 3 is acceptable :) )  and how you plan to use that release!

We can’t wait to discover what you’ll invent and create with these minis. Don't forget to share your prints and paintings on the Heroes Infinite Facebook group. There, you’ll also find great inspiration, advice and new friends!

We wish you extra-happy printing and gaming :)

Last word of advice: don’t let the Dark Elves seduce you, they’re really, really not nice people…

They look good though…

No! Be strong!...

Yes, but…

No, too late… NOOOoooo…

Have a great night ;)

- Benoit and the whole Heroes Infinite Team