Rampant Chaos in the City of Angels - January 2023 Release Video

release content videos Dec 28, 2022
Rampant Chaos in the City of Angels

Hello Dear Heroes Infinite subscriber,


First of all, we hope you had a beautiful Christmas and that you’re spending a nice holiday season with your loved ones. 


And in the spirit of Christmas, we packed this release with exclusive alternate versions for Heroes Infinite subscribers, and we worked really hard to make this first release of the new year very special.


As always, we followed your comments and took a deep look into the polls to know what new set of characters would enthrall you. Among the most popular comments, two topics stood out for us as a great opportunity to build something special and exciting: Lust Elves and Angels.


What’s the story?


Mortenburg the Cursed City was one of our recent releases that you liked the most in the past few months. So I thought, why not imagine another city facing similar challenges? 


In Celestia, a vast city governed by Paladins and Priests, and protected by mighty Angels, life seems to be absolutely perfect. But one man is worried. He is one of the most brilliant minds of the kingdom, but he is also a freethinker, something that does not go down well with the doctrine of the local priesthood. His name is Leonardo di Venti


Leonardo has been watching his fellow citizens of Celestia, and is concerned that following blindly the rulings of the priests does not give the people the free will and independent thinking that would allow them to face the forces of evil if they were to strike the city.


As a military engineer, Leonardo has one simple vision: Why depend on the wings of angels when Humans could build their own? Why depend on the Priests’ spells when his own machine can tap into celestial energies and transform them into deadly weapons?


As the season of the carnival starts, the worries of Leonardo materialize. It starts very innocently, with a group of weird entertainers entering the city. Led by K’sheelks, the Magician and Ringleader of the troop, they stage a show that instantly captures the attention of Celestia’s citizens because it is so unlike anything they’ve seen before… The seductive dancing and acrobatics of Yxarys, the Whip Dancer, the entrancing undulations of Kirakasann, the Escape Artist, and the shocking and gross comedy of the Troubadours of Decay are enough to plant a dangerous seed in the weakest minds of the city.   


Despite their unrelenting surveillance of the city walls and entrances, Lord Valerius, Keeper of the City’s Keys and Lady Morihan, the EverWatching, won’t notice this Trojan horse and soon, K’sheelks and his crew will reveal their true form, open a breach from inside the walls, and invoke the immense power of Ehyeltys, the Great Demoness of the Ever-Changing.


Will Paladins and Angels be strong enough to repeal the forces of chaos? Will Leonardo be able to wash away accusations that discredit him and put the blame of this demonic attack on his unsanctioned manipulations of celestial energies? Will he be able to empower the people of the city and give them the machinery they need to fight this battle by themselves and decide their own fate?


This story is now yours to tell…


If you need more inspiration…


Since this is the holiday season and you are perhaps spending some time watching old movies for Christmas you cannot pass up this opportunity to share with you a movie that was one of the key inspirations for the story of this release: Flesh and Blood by Paul Verhoeven.


This movie is far from perfect. But it has a very unique vibe, a great cast, beautiful costumes, and will provide you with additional ideas for any adventure you might want to stage in a medieval city in wartime. Plus, it stars Rutger Hauer in a role that fits him so well. 


So that’s it for us for today. We’ll go back under the duvet covers because over half the Heroes infinite team has been struck by a demonic curse and is suffering from a wave of terrible toothaches, violent flus, and food poisoning and stomach flu. We hope Christmas did not go that way on your side but if it did, we hope you are soon better!


If you’re in better shape than we are, please do leave a comment below to let us know how you plan to use or play this release!