You decide what's next! #poll2023

poll/survey Jan 12, 2023

Yes! Once again, we need to know what collections we should bring to your favorite subscription service: Heroes Infinite.


We have a poll just for you right here --> 


You'll be able to choose one or several of the options you would like to see in the future.

If you don't see "Dark Elves" in our poll, it's because you are going to see them very soon in 2023, and because of that we haven't included "Wood Elves" either.


If you don't see an option you would like to have, make sure you still comfill the poll and then please add a comment to this post, and we'll review all your answers! 


Open communication is very precious to us, and we value your opinion. 
So don't wait, check out the poll and make yourself heard!