Mortenburg - Curse of the Plague City (May 2022 Release Video)

release content videos Apr 26, 2022

Hello Dear Heroes Infinite Subscribers!


We’re very excited about this month’s release because it is special in several different ways.


First of all, the entire team is extremely amped up with how unique and the uniqueness and the quality of the models we’ve created this month.

A Story-driven Theme

As always, this is partly due to your suggestions: this Plague City release is a more story-driven release, rather than a release based around a single faction.

All sorts of characters face off to either take over or keep free the city of Mortenburg: the forces of corruption and decay have infiltrated the highest spheres of the city while the supporters of good/light are trying to repel these demonic forces.

A few months ago, when I asked you what you wanted for the Spring releases, one of your recurring asks was for something that was not mono-thematic and that would allow more of you to find something they like and could use in each release. 

I know that this particular theme of plague and contagion was not specifically talked about earlier, and it really came up unexpectedly.  

In fact, two days before starting work on this release, I actually recorded a rather long video going through your comments to help determine what would be the next themes for Spring and early Summer. But I never got to publish it because, after thinking about your many suggestions, this idea of a city defending itself against a demonic invasion just came out in a discussion with JR, our sculpt supervisor. And we felt it was the perfect embodiment to your suggestions. 

We actually edited the video trailer accordingly and added a voiceover to immerse you more into that world.

And just so you know, we have also studied your other suggestions, and we are preparing to roll out a plan for the coming months using that feedback.


NEW: Storytelling Contest! 

We know that many of you like to write and tell stories. So with Plague City being definitely story-based, Mireille figured you’d be brimming with ideas for stories to tell, and thought it would be great to have a short story contest around that release!

So get ready to put pen to paper (well, fingers to keyboard, perhaps) to share with the community your stories and a chance to win cool prizes… We’ll share all the details in an upcoming post, and the contest will end at the end of May.

In the meantime, to get your imagination cracking, read on for a few important tidbits about Mortenburg, its denizens, and the fiends lurking inside its walls…


The Story So Far…

It was a gloomy night. The city slept. On the city’s main square, a lonely fly lazily buzzed about the head of a dying man, pilloried for his evil crimes. 

As he drew his final breath, the insect whispered: “Let me resurrect you and bless you with immense powers to lay waste upon those who took you down. Your soul shall be the payment.”

With a dying sigh, the man assented. Creeping into his ear, the fly laid a tiny egg.

As she flew away, the man started shaking, uncontrollably.

When the morning came, the man was nowhere to be seen, with his pillory ripped away.

And so the infection began, and the disease spread, sickening bodies and minds.

Turned into a demonic abomination, the criminal man had become the Plague Messiah, armed with terrifying physical and mental powers.

Yet he was but the spark that ignited the fire of corruption in the city. His simple presence in the city corrupted the spirit of the twisted, the powerful, and the malevolent men and women of Mortenburg. And in just a few weeks, the face of the city started to change…

What really happened to the Count and the Countess? 

How did the city’s Bishop turn into the Plague Pope?

Will the presence of Saint Ambrosia, the patron saint of the city, be enough to repel the demonic forces? 

Can the city militia, with its limited resources, be strong enough to appease the people and maintain order?

Are the Sisters of the city strong enough in their faith, or have they already been corrupted?

And who really is the strange and enigmatic Plague Doctor?


It will soon be your turn to tell us what really happened in Mortenburg…


Ambrosia already released as a resin model

We released the Saint Ambrosia resin miniature in our Raging Heroes shop just before Easter because we felt she was absolutely perfect for that time. 

You’ll also notice that we also made a “good” version of the Mother of Flies, and we turned her into our Saint Ueriel, Angel of Easter resin miniature. That’s because we really wanted to have a Special Edition miniature for that holiday. 

While the Angel of Easter is a Limited Edition resin miniature that is only going to be available one a year during Easter season, the Saint Ambrosia model was always intended to also be released as a 3D printable model and, actually, many of you ask for that. So she is in our Plague City Heroes Infinite release in all her 3D-printable glory :)


Female-Only Troops this time

 Very often you ask us to go back to our Raging Heroes roots, namely asking about our female characters and more especially our Sisters.  

This is exactly what we did here: we have two new Sisters troops, the Plague Nuns and the Penitent Sisters, and a new Sister Heroine with Saint Ambrosia who, in my opinion, is one of the best characters we’ve made so far for this faction. 

And then, you’ll notice that this month, the Troops are exclusively female: we really wanted to make female demons of corruption because we think this is something rarely seen. And we also made the Militia exclusively female for the same reason.

Painting Contest

Finally, you might have missed this, but this April, we launched our very first Heroes Infinite Painting Contest. There is still time to enter, as the contest closes at the end of April (this Saturday!!!).  

You can expect a Heroes infinite Painting contest in May as well on the Plague City release.

That’s all for today. We really hope you’ll enjoy this release and have fun playing with all these new characters. 

As usual, we love to hear about which ones you like the most and how you plan to use them, so please share that with us and the community in the comments below. 

And stay tuned for all the details for the storytelling contest!