💚🛡️⚔️🔥 Legends of the Celt Kingdoms - April 2023 Release Video

release content videos Mar 29, 2023

Hello dear Heroes Infinite subscribers! 

It's time for a new release, and we've taken your comments, suggestions, and poll answers from the past two months as the cornerstone of this release. 

Many of you wanted characters related to forests, woodlands, and celtic legends, and quite a few also asked for wood elves. We get asked for elves quite a lot, but there are also some of you who are hungry for something else. 

So this is what we did…
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Celts and much more

We saw this as the perfect opportunity to make something interesting for everyone.

In this release, we've started from Celtic mythology, which has influenced many role-playing and wargames and expanded on that. As you all know, the legends of fairies, orcs, elves, giants, and trolls are deeply rooted in Celtic mythology.

Our concept artists took inspiration from the old miniature game Celtos and reimagined the Tuatha de Danann as elves, the Fomorians as orcs, and the Nemedians as humans. We thought it made perfect sense to return to the roots of these legends and create characters that work for various gaming settings, whether you play them as Celts or integrate them into other settings.

Our first Orc troops ever!

We also wanted to create female orcs that were strong and powerful yet retained a raw and wild femininity.

There are not a lot of good looking female Orc options on the market as it is a complex design challenge, so we thought we should give it a try. 

Since a big name of the industry has recently strongly reworked the look of his own Orcs, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to give our orcs a slightly more human appearance than traditional orc miniatures. 

We're particularly proud of Mork the Ork King and his giant boar, which we think will be a fantastic addition to your gaming table.

Very memorable characters

We've tried to incorporate as much storytelling as possible into these characters, and Eriu is a perfect example of that.

With her spell that turns into a wolf, and the woman and the magical wolf sharing an intimate bonding moment, we think this miniature is bound to become a Heroes Infinite classic.

Other notable characters include the Orkish seeress, who is full of contrast, wild and raw yet elegant and seductive. 

Nemed, the human king, is mysterious and an unreadable force of nature, giving the human aspect a dark vibe. 

There's an obvious reference to Cernunnos, the god with stag antlers, in Nemed's helmet design. We thought this was a fitting tribute to the Celtic god. 

Nemain, the spirit of war, is another character we love for her graceful yet deadly nature. She's like a light opposite to Morrigan’s darkness, as if they were two sides of a coin (even if, in the legends, Nemain is one of Morrigan’s various aspects).

Magg, the Fomorian orc shaman, is another character we're proud of. He's creepy, dirty, and connected to the dark power of the earth, probably living underground so much so that an old tree stump took roots on his back . Sure he is not the sexy hero people tend to root for, but he tells a powerful story. 

In opposition, Dianann, the elf character, is a subtle, discreet, and fast-moving hero, which contrasts with the brashness of most of the other characters in the release.

A release full of gaming options

All the characters in this release have both positive and negative aspects, making them interesting and multifaceted.

They also can be used in many different gaming settings depending on how you paint and interpret them. 

We hope you enjoy the storytelling potential and diverse selection of heroes, troops, monsters and scenery in this Celtic-inspired release.

As always, please let us know which ones are your favorites and how you plan to use them!

Have a great Celtic month !!!