Land of the FROST - December 2021 Release Video

release content videos Nov 27, 2021

Hi! Turn up the volume and enjoy our Release Video:

Hello, dear Subscribers!

So here it is, the Christmas release, the Land of the Frost. I think we really outdid ourselves on this one!

The video is really amazing. I just watched it as I'm writing this message to you and I was really blown away… I hope you're going to like it as much as we do :)

This release is packed with so much, it’s even more than usual. Well, we thought it IS Christmas! It's time to give you some additional gifts.

The value you get in this 3d printable miniatures release is absolutely insane.

Here is our own take on a Slavic mythology mostly inspired by Russian folktales and fairytales.

We added, as promised, a little bit of Christmas Eve vibes, with Ded Moroz, the Russian Santa Claus, together with his beautiful niece Snegurochka who joins him to give presents to children.

We also added Krampus, who is of course the bad guy of the release.

There is also a ton of other 3d printer files miniatures that you will be able to play either in your wargames or RPG (D&D) sessions with some super-cool Bear Riders and beautiful Frost Maidens, not to mention those amazing Werewolves who we thought would make a perfect Guard for Koshei, who is the God of Evil and Darkness and everything bad.

And as always, we don't have enough room in the video to present all of the 3d printer miniature files in detail. Every time, the scenery blows me away. The centerpiece is just so beautiful, and you’ve got tons of scenery elements to build just about anything you might want to create as an environment for your games. Enjoy the best stl miniatures on the market!

The WinterDeath Troïka is just a fantastic piece in my opinion. When we were building this and I was seeing it taking shape in front of me, I was like “wow, this is going to be amazing”. Then we would move forward a bit and I was: “Oh, no, it's even better now... Oh, no, now it's even better!”

You might not know this, but since the beginning of the Heroes Infinite adventure, we don't work with concept artists. 

I build everything from scratch making 3D mock-ups and I build everything as I go. And then I give my mock-ups to the sculptors who really bring them to life and add all the details.

And you'll notice that in this release, the details in each STLs for 3d printer are absolutely insane.

All the ornaments on the costumes and everything are just completely crazy.

And it's the same thing for the WinterDeath Troïka. I started building the shape of the Troika and I was like, okay, it's nice, but it's simple. How is it going to look in the end? And then different members of the team each brought different elements.

One of them did the Wolves, the other did Moranna and a third one took everything that was sculpted and put it all together on the Troïka and did all the ornaments for it.

And I don't know what you think, but to me it's just wonderful! And the scenic base that goes with it is so great with the tracks of the Troïka in the snow, it’s a little diorama all of its own.

This release was a lot of work, but I'm so happy with the results.
I finished that release with a case of mild covid. So it was pretty challenging but I'm starting to feel better now. Thank God I was fully vaccinated.

But anyway, the whole team is super happy with what we've accomplished here.

And so we wish you a very beautiful Christmas. We wish you beautiful games in the Land of the Frost with a lot of amazing characters and a lot of snow adventures using the dnd and table top minis stl files.

Happy Holidays, everybody!

- Benoit Guerville

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