contest Jul 28, 2022

🏅🖌The June painting contest entries were so impressive!


We couldn't be more pleased with how much you all involved yourselves in this month's competition. The 3d printed miniature painting contest entries continue to have amazing success each and every month!


Check out all of the entries here!


After much deliberation....


We chose the June 2022 Steampunk Adventures of the Mechanium Painting Contest winners!



In first place is Sarah Collard @serialpainters from FR, who gets to choose an @elegoo Mars 2 Pro Mono LCD MSLA Resin 3D Printer worth USD $250

OR a 300€ (about $325) Raging Heroes gift card




Second place winners, Heather Santo @heathersanto from US and Łukasz Grzyb @fantasygames.com.pl from PL, get to choose an USD $90 gift card for 2 bottles of high quality resin (1000 grams each) OR a 150€ (about $162) Raging Heroes gift card





Third place winners, Adriana Pausenwein @adrianapausenwein from CA, Giuseppe Sollano @peppepausa from IT and Xing Li Cook @thefilthyhermit from AU get to choose an USD $45 gift card for 1 bottle of high quality resin (1000 grams)

OR a 75€ (about $81) Raging Heroes gift card as their prize!


Now's your chance to unleash the artist within you and join August 2022 3d Miniature Painting Contest here!


If you'd like to 3d print the Steampunk Adventures of the Mechanium check it out here!