High Elves of the Eternal Summits (February 2022 Release Video)

release content videos Jan 28, 2022

Hello dear Heroes Infinite Subscribers,

Check out the Trailer for our February 2022 Release: High Elves of the Eternal Summits

As I mentioned previously in our latest post, this release has been a tough one!
I knew from the beginning that this release would be a challenge for the Team.

This is something our regular Raging Heroes clients have been requesting numerous times over the years, but I didn’t feel confident enough to tackle this faction.

So I’ve been postponing the High Elves Theme for many years.
The reasoning is that the High Elves are supposed to be the epitome to pretty much everything including beauty, art, elegance and sophistication.

With a brief like that, you want to make sure you’re going to sculpt something extremely special and that you won’t miss the mark.

But as you’ll see in the trailer, I am confident to say that the team really succeeded in creating the best STL miniatures that is truly unique!

We spent a lot of time working on all those Elves ornaments, as to me it was a key component expressing their incredible craftsmanship and their dedication to art and beauty.

The big difference with our Japanese inspired theme, Empires of the Eastern Suns or Vikings or even Egyptians, is that there are no real cultural references to take from.

Obviously, the High-Elves theme has been revisited many times by many brands in either miniatures (dnd minis) games, video games or other supports.

But it’s a different process to check references from pop culture creations than taking references from fine arts that have lived through times and that have been crafted to some of the most masterful artists the world has ever seen.

We think we did a pretty good job with this coming release and we are extremely proud of the video you are about to see!

In the last poll we made about what you wanted in the future, many of you asked to get a second collection of the themes we already covered. 

And I would not be surprised if you are thinking about getting another collection of our High Elves of the Eternal Summits after this one…

So please tell us if this is the case (and also if it’s not)!

This video comes as a nice introduction to your weekend.

I hope you like it and that this release will fill you with as much joy as it did for us!

Have a great weekend and speak to you soon!