Halloween DARK Fairy Tales - October 2021 Release Video

release content videos Sep 29, 2021

Wow, it’s that time of the year again!
Watch the video then keep reading to know EVERYTHING!

Time for all things wicked and creepy and a bit monstrous.

But this year, we didn’t want to make the hundredth version of a zombie and ghoul release.

We wanted Halloween with a twist!

And what a better way to do that than to revisit the horror stories of olde: the fairy tales!

So let’s turn things upside down a bit and spice it up with a little bit of badass. Suddenly, the poor heroines who were always the designated victims become serious kick-ass adventuresses (yes, that could be a word, right?).

This is why we turned
Snow White into a Witch Huntress
Red-Riding Hood into a WereWolf Slayer.
And Alice? Well… into a maniac… but a cute one, though.

And of course, Snow White’s Dwarves couldn’t possibly be your regular good old Grumpy, Doc, etc.
So we turned them into an evil and mean bunch!

Sure, we wanted to have the Card Soldiers from Alice’s travels.
And we figured that mean Tooth Fairies could be a nice addition to our twisted and nightmarish fairy tales.

And as for the scenery, well… Our sculptor in charge just went completely crazy this month, so you’ll have enough to build the most amazingly strange magic forest you’ve ever seen. 

Plenty of options to play with

As always, let’s see some of the things you can do with the 3d printer miniature files for this crazy crew of motley characters.

There are really tons of options here.

From writing an adventure that re-stages fairy tales in your own devious way to using these minis in the most unexpected way...

Someone in the team already told me: “I'm gonna print the Mushroom Warriors and put them in my potted plants!”
And it’s true that many of these 3d printer files miniatures could spice up the Halloween atmosphere in your home!

But let’s focus on more regular gaming uses.

Of course, Red-Riding Hood, Prince F...ing Charming, the Old Witch can be used straight away for d&d mini stls as PC or NPC characters.

BlueBeard would make a great noble or burgmeister possessed by some evil curse.

Puss’n Boots makes for a unique, full of panache, Tabaxi character.

And the Goblins with their Giant Spider, well… What outdoor adventure cannot be spiced up by a band of crazy hyper-active goblins on their giant spider?

As you can see, we deliberately did not limit ourselves to one or two fairy tales so that each of you could find something likable and usable in this release.

More than anything, since it is the spirit of the season, this 3d printable miniatures release is intended for good fun and we hope that it can jolt your imagination and stir your creative juices :)

Exclusive Goodies for our Heroes Infinite subscribers

This month, we have 2 characters with exclusive alternative versions (as you can see in the video above), just for you, our HeroesInfinite.com subscribers!
As we promised when we launched the platform, every month, you’ll get extra perks with your HeroesInfinite account and this starts with the October release. 

Want more?

Ok, you got it!

Starting next month, we’re adding new characters and scenery extensions to your Welcome BOX!
Yes, that good old Tavern is up for a little bit of dusting up and little by little it will get populated by colorful figures you might already be acquainted with ;)

But that’s not all...

It’s gonna be a busy week (sorry, your mailbox might overflow a bit)

Furthermore, within the next 72 hours, all the files from previous releases that you were subscribed to will show up in your HeroesInfinite.com account. Watch your inbox for incoming notifications, it might get as busy as your Facebook notifications on your birthday!!!!

PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE NOTIFICATIONS ARE NOT SPAM, it is just the system updating and letting you know that your files from previous releases are available in your account.

If you’ve been with us since the beginning, you could receive up to 15 emails in the next 3 days!!
Don’t panic, it’s just about good stuff!
We are sorry about this overload of goodness but our system is a bit over excited to let you know that finally you will get all your files in one place and there is no option for us to override his joyful and communicative personality.

However, once this phase of oversharing is done, the communication will resume back to normal and we won’t bother you more than usual.

Community News

We’ve just added a Community section in the HeroesInfinite.com menu.

From there you will find the link to our members only discord channel.

You can also find links to our Facebook groups in case you don’t know about them.

It’s your turn!

We wish you a lot of fun with this iconic release and hope that you will enjoy your childhood fairytales Heroines kicking asses!!!

Do share in the comments which is your favorite character, what you plan to do with that release... We can’t wait to hear about your amazing tales with these minis!

As always, we’ll add to this post a full line-up of the release in the next few days.

We wish you some happy printing and gaming :)

Have a great day!

- Benoit and the whole Heroes Infinite Team