☩💀☩ Grim Darkness of the Inquisition - March 2023 Release Video

release content videos Feb 27, 2023
Grim Darkness of the Inquisition - by Heroes Infinite

Hello dear Heroes Infinite Subscriber! 


It's finally here - the release that so many of you have been waiting for! 


This release is probably the best set of miniatures featuring Raging Heroes and Heroes Infinite that we've ever done on this kind of topic: grimdark sci-fi with a lot of religious forces


As fans of Raging Heroes know, one of the things that’s made us famous has been our female minis, especially our Sisters range, which many of you have been asking for in Heroes Infinite. 


You’ll find some very cool Sisters in this release, along with other extremely hot, dramatic, and epic stuff. 


Actually, every day working on this release we could glimpse how it was shaping up to be really crazy, and you’ll see that the end result is super exciting!


We decided not to do a simple Sister release, first of all, because we still have some reasons (shhhh!) not to go full-on Sisters here. You'll understand why in the coming weeks and months. 


But also, we wanted to explore a wider setting. So we decided to showcase the forces of a very aggressive Inquisition faction. So you’ll find all kinds of characters and troops, as well as some pretty insane machinery that you might never have seen before. The characters are extremely charismatic, detailed, and cool, and I'm very happy about how they turned out.


As always, we've included some epic modular scenery for those of you who play war games. I know you'll love it! There's plenty of stuff to work with, and we can't wait to see what you come up with in your stories and games. In truth, this is probably the first release of a series on this kind of theme, so stay tuned for future projects.


This release features never-before-seen types of characters. Each character in this release is different from everything else we've done before. It's not just a re-release of something we did on a physical line - it's all completely new characters and machinery. This is also our chance to finally release big machines for this kind of setting, which is difficult to do in physical products.

We hope you like it and have fun with it. Let us know what your favorite characters are, and how you plan to use them. We wish you Happy Printing! Talk to you soon. Bye-bye!