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release content videos Aug 29, 2023
Sakura Hayashi, the Grave Dancer, fromEmpires of the Eastern Suns - Part 2

Hello, fellow Heroes Infinite subscribers!

It is the back-to-school season…

I hope you had a good summer and that you are ready for that. To be fair, it is not my favorite time of the year, and I expect that I’m not the only one who feels that way…

To make up for it, we thought that we should have something extra special for you, which is why we went for a set that has been frequently requested: a follow up to our original Japanese release Empires of the Eastern Suns.

When Empires of the Eastern Suns came out, it was one of our most popular releases ever. And we had amazing feedback from you guys. It also caught the attention of some very high level people in the gaming industry. And so we thought that we must have touched on something special with the way that we designed that release. 

So we thought, okay, let's do Part 2! In Part 1, we had characters that were either good, or somehow not completely evil. 

So this time, we are delving into the darker side of that culture and mythology to create more menacing characters: Undeads, hybrid creatures, darker opponents.

So this September 2023, we release Empire of the Eastern Sun, part 2. (Files will reach your account no later than the 3rd of September.)

I'm extremely happy with this release. I think that once again our creative team has upped its game, so get ready to 3D print some pretty amazing characters. Indeed, it is incredible to see how much the team keeps on growing creatively, increasingly getting better at bringing to life more and more detailed and unique characters.

So what’s in this release? We’ve got here mostly a team of really bad guys. 

From Undeads to other types of Monsters, they will make super cool opponents in any of your games!

Watch the video then continue reading below.


Creative design

Of course we went again looking into the traditional folk tales and mythology from Japan. And we then injected our own Raging Heroes touch to this.

TBH, some of these folklore characters are very easy to imagine when you read their description. But turning them into great miniatures turned out to be a cool creative challenge.

The Kappas are a perfect example of that. They are very emblematic of the Japanese Fantasy bestiary, a little bit like the Orcs would be for Occidental fantasy, and yet it is hard to find some good depictions of them. So we worked really hard on these guys to try to find something that will have an interesting look. There are many different types of Kapas: some of them are depicted as frogmen, others as turtle men. So we decided to inject a little bit of both in our characters.

Another example are the Shikabane Guard and Riders. I did not want them to look like regular zombies, so there was quite a bit of creative research to achieve a look that would meet that requirement and at the same time, fit really well with the Japanese aesthetics.

There’s also Kiyoko Tanaka, the Blood Drinker. This Rokurokubi girl with a serpentine long neck is without a doubt one of the most complex models we had to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result. And I think that we did a good job about that.

It was also fun to use some of the typical Japanese symbols and turn them into something different, like the flying fishes around the demon girl Izumi Umino, Mistress of the Deep. Those fishes are inspired by the kites that are traditionally used for the Japanese Children Festival.

For the Centerpiece, I wanted something very unique that would remind us of the traditional arts of Japanese bonsais and rock gardens and gardening in general and bring the peaceful vibe of Zen meditation into it. And then turn it into something completely evil. And I really like how it came out. I think it stands like a very unique piece.


Ambiguous alignments

Some of the characters of that release are clearly evil, like Yuri Akatsuki, the Soul Reaper Queen or Raiden Yamazaki, Emperor of the Damned

Others are more ambiguous, such as the Monks of the Shadowed Peaks or Sakura Hayashi, the Grave Dancer. They could all be on one side or another, which could make for some interesting twists if you use these characters in a D&D or other RPG adventure.

Oh, and we are regularly asked to make dragon people and we thought that this release was the perfect opportunity! So meet the very impressive Tatsuya Oda, the Dragon Man. He’s a hulking dragon hybrid with incredible magic and combat skills.

As always, there is so much in the release! Other interesting ways to use it would be to turn it into an army that could proxy as an Empire Army, or as an Undead Army of any kind, and this way, you get to bring something new and fresh to the wargaming tabletop

And if you combine this present release with part 1 of Empires of the Eastern Sun, you’ll have enough to make an absolutely insane set with many different types of Heroes, Monsters and Troops plus an amazing set of scenery pieces to build an absolutely unique and never-seen-before gaming table… Can you imagine it?


A bit of fluff…

We thought that you might enjoy a little bit of fluff for each character of this release, who they are and what are their connections to one another. It’s very simple but we thought you might enjoy the creative ideas this may spark!

- Characters

Yuri Akatsuki, the Soul Reaper Queen - Once a benevolent empress, Yuri was corrupted by dark magic and now rules over an army of Undeads. She drains the souls of her enemies to expand her zombie hordes.

Raiden Yamazaki, Emperor of the Damned - A fallen monk who uses twisted spiritual powers to raise the dead. His guard of unholy monks and zombies enforce his will.

Sakura Hayashi, the Grave Dancer - A deceptive Nekomata who seems sweet but secretly practices dark necromancy. She controls the undead with her hypnotic rituals.

Izumi Umino, Mistress of the Deep - A seductive devil woman whose flying carnivorous fish do her evil bidding. She is plotting to overthrow the Soul Reaper Queen.

Takashi Sato, the Enigmatic Tengu - A Tengu who keeps his intentions veiled. He could be good or evil depending on his unrevealed motivations.

Kiyoko Tanaka, the Blood Drinker - A Rokurokubi who lures the unwary during the day, then attacks them at night to drink their blood. The Queen uses her as an assassin.

Akane Hayashi, Captain of the Onna-Musha - A determined woman samurai leading a band of female warriors against the Soul Reaper Queen. She seeks to end the queen's dark reign.

Ryuunosuke Saito, the Queen's Champion - A mighty Oni who relishes battle and serves as the undead queen's fiercest warrior.

Kentaro Ito, General of the Damned - This Oni is the Undead Field Commander of the Emperor's Undead armies. He rides an evil dragon into battle.

- Monsters:

Ayame Nakamura, the Spider Woman - A beautiful Jorōgumo who lures travelers to their doom, then devours them after night falls.

Yoru, Spirit of Ruin - The black dragon mount of General Kentaro. She has poisonous breath and destroys all in her path.

Tatsuya Oda, the Dragon Man - A hulking dragon hybrid with incredible magic and combat skills. Which side is he on?

- Troops:

Monks of the Shadowed Peaks (monks) - An extremely secretive order of warrior monks with unclear motivations. Will they support good or evil?

Kappas of the Putrid Marshes - They guard the outskirts of the Queen’s realm.

The Shikabane Guard (zombies) and the Shikabane Riders (mounted zombies) - The Emperor’s main forces.

The Onna Musha Sisterhood (female warriors) - Female-only order of warrior Sisters determined to purge the land of all evil.

- Centerpiece and Scenery:

The centerpiece gracefully blends the serenity of Japanese bonsai and rock gardens with the calm of Zen meditation. Yet, all of this is twisted to evil. It's more than just an ornament; it's a harmonious balance of tradition and intrigue. You'll be proud to showcase this unique centerpiece on your table.


Join the Conversation: What Will You 3D Print First?

I hope that you'll like this set as much as we do and that you'll have a lot of fun printing, painting and playing with these tiny people. They were really cool to create. And we can't wait to see what you will do with them. 

As always, do let us know who are your favorite characters, and what you like the most about this release.

So it is time for you to have fun with these guys and for us to go back to our computer to prepare the crazy cool stuff we have in mind for the next upcoming releases. Have a great day and happy gaming!