😇🎁 Christmas Chronicles: Goblin Mayhem and Holy Angels - December 2023 Release Video ❄️🎅

release content videos Nov 29, 2023

Hello dear Heroes Infinite subscribers! 

Well, this is time! This is Christmas time! 

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And as you know, we've been really working hard inspired by your comments and suggestions about what we should do this Christmas. 

It was very clear that the angels were something a lot of you wanted to have more but there were also a lot of comments and asks for... Goblins !!! 

And we thought: “Well, we could have a fun match between evil goblins and guardian angels.”

And in that configuration, we could make the Goblins some kind of evil, perverted Christmas elves trying to sabotage Christmas. And of course, the angels would be the guardians of the Christmas spirit, guarding it with a crushing might while the Goblins would play their usual ridiculous games and tricks. 

We're pretty happy with how it turned out 🙂 

I think that you'll like how the Goblins we've made are full of character and details, very funny, and I especially like what we did with Gobgrizzle the Goblin Warlord, riding his old mule, and you will probably realize that this goblin is trying to pose as a very famous character of a very famous fantasy artist. This is not a coincidence... 

Watch the video, then keep reading to discover the gifts we’ve included for you in this release. And at the end of this message, you’ll find more info on the lore of each character of the release if you want to know a bit more about them.

And at the end of this message, you’ll find more info on the lore of each character of the release if you want to know a bit more about them.

Christmas Gifts

Of course, we wanted to give you a lot of options for Christmas because hey, it's Christmas, it's time for gifts. So you can have access to both the Christmas versions and the regular versions of many goblins in that release, if you are a Heroes Infinite subscriber. 

And on top of that, we have made two of the Angel characters in both fantasy and sci-fi versions. 

You'll notice that the sci-fi version of Elyon Goldmask, Archangel of the Eternal and Malachai Bloodcup, the Angel of Atonement will definitely be usable as space knight high level characters. I know you will find good use for them.

You know us, you know how we are, we try to please as many of you as we can by giving you as many options as we can before the support-making team starts screaming at us  that we are giving them too much work!;)

A Different Centerpiece

Also for the centerpiece, we did something a bit different this time. One of our most popular centerpieces is the one we did for the first Angel release we ever made. And it was a simple kind of diorama with the angels fighting a big dragon.

So we thought, for this Christmas theme, let’s do something similar where the centerpiece could be used as a scenery piece in your games, but also as a display piece showcasing the flight of our goblins trying to pass for Santa Claus and our angels defending the spirit of Christmas. And I really like how it turned out in the end. 

There's a lot of funny elements in that piece and I hope you'll like it.

A Bountiful Deal!

So, plenty of options in this release as always. This is the occasion to remind you that the Heroes Infinite Overlord offer is probably the biggest offer on the web that you can get every month as printable miniatures. There is so much value packed in each release, so many options and like I said, we're always trying to at least give a little something for everyone in each release.

And I'm very happy how it turned out this Christmas with so many exclusive alternate versions! 

→ Let us know how you want to play with those characters and which ones are your favorites. I am really happy with what we did with the Goblins and if you like them, we could definitely extend this range too… 

So that's it for today. We wish you a fantastic holiday season, a lot of great moments with your loved ones and of course some great painting and gaming! 

Have a great time, happy Christmas Season and talk to you soon.

PS: A Bit of Lore


Aurora Brightblade, the Banner of Truth

Aurora, clad in radiant armor, is the embodiment of fairness and virtue. She fronts the heavenly hosts with her spear and banner, inspiring them with her unwavering conviction.

Elyon Goldmask, Archangel of the Eternal 

Elyon is the Archangel in charge of deciding which mortals are deemed worthy to ascend as immortals and join the Angelic Host. A figure of mystery and power, Elyon's gold mask conceals his true visage, symbolizing his role as an impartial ruler. He stands unscathed amidst the serpentine chaos, a testament to his divine authority. His chalice's power of resurrection is a beacon of hope to his followers. 

Luminia Starbearer, the Nightbane

Luminia, with her crown of rays and her holy lantern, illuminates the darkest corners of the world to banish shadows and guide the lost, to reveal truth and dispel deceit. Her spells manifest as birds of light, symbols of freedom and guidance.

Grimble Sootcloak, Goblin Shaman

A mischievous trickster, Grimble wields his ornament-like grenade with cunning and malice. Adorned in a tattered, Christmas-themed garb, he blends the festive with the fearsome, a master of corrupted spells. His magic is as corrupt as his appearance, a stark contrast to the joyous season he mocks.

Malachai Bloodcup, Angel of Atonement 

A somber warrior, Malachai embodies the darker aspect of divine justice. He wields his blood-filled cup as a symbol of the price of sin. His sword, ever ready, is a promise of atonement through punishment.

Aeriel Skytalon, the Shadow Piercer

A formidable archer, Skytalon is the guardian of the skies, a singular force of justice. Her own angel wings turning into a giant magical eagle symbolize the piercing power of her true sight and her power to see disguised evil for what it truly is.

Serenity Scrollheart, Angel of Answered Prayers

Blindfolded and armored, Serenity is the epitome of unbiased divine compassion. Adorned with the prayers of the devout, she acts as a divine conduit. Her blindfolded eyes symbolize her unbiased nature, and her raised sword is a beacon of hope and divine intervention.

Gobgrizzle, Goblin Warlord 

Despite his pathetic steed and laughable appearance, Gobgrizzle is a master of guerrilla warfare. On his decrepit mule, he presents a comically menacing sight. His long nose, adorned with absurd armor, belies his cunning and sadistic nature, making him a surprisingly formidable leader.

Exariel, Angel of Retribution

Exariel presence is commanding, her axe a symbol of finality. The doves and cupids around her represent the balance of mercy and justice, while her hourglass and sacred book signify the inevitability of divine judgment.


Astralyx Eternis, Seraphim of the Cosmic Veil

Astralyx is the guardian of celestial mysteries. Cloaked in golden armor and a mask that glimmers like the stars, she is a vision of the cosmos brought to life. Her night-sky skirt and swirling cosmic energy mark her as an eternal being, one whose wisdom transcends time and space. On the battlefield, her immense wings and aura cast an unbreakable spell of awe, turning the tide of conflict with her mere presence.

Runetusk Antlerguard, Guardian of the Shamanic Stone

Runetusk is a formidable forest troll, distinguishable by his massive antlers and the unique stone altar he carries on his back. As the personal bodyguard of Grimble Sootcloak, he stands as a bulwark against any threat. His towering presence and shamanic power make him an imposing figure, especially with Grimble commanding from atop his shoulders.

Bramblehoof the Mock-Stag

Snaggletooth, the old mule of Gobgrizzle, is adorned with laughable fake antlers in a failed attempt to mimic a majestic stag. This pitiable creature unwittingly contributes to the warlord's war rage absurdity. It only serves to highlight the underlying humor and irony in the Goblins’ quest against the forces of good.

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