AUGUST 2022: TWO Painting Contests! 3D Print, Paint, Photograph and Enter for a chance to Win Amazing Prizes

Jul 30, 2022

Hello dear Heroes Infinite supporter,

First, we apologize for not sharing with you that there is a painting contest for our July 3D printable miniatures release (Pirates 2).

Because there IS a contest! But of course, the deadline is extended to Aùgust 31!

We were working with our friends and 3D printer manufacturer Elegoo to get you some updated and fantastic prizes, and realized that the announcement for the painting contest had not gone out.

But we noticed your comments on our Heroes Infinite Facebook Group, and saw that you were looking forward to painting your Pirates 2: Curse of the Dead Sea  3D printed miniatures, and so we decided to host two contests in August!

3D Print your favorite mini from the Pirates 2: Curse of the Dead Sea, AND the Arcadian Elves 2. Paint your 3D printed miniatures to look as detailed as you want, take photos, & enter for a chance to win prizes! Check it out here for the Arcadian Elves 2 Contest  and here for the Pirates 2: Curse of the Dead Sea Contest!

You have double the chances to win and we’re rooting for you!

Have Fun!