Arthurian Legends - Release Video September 2022

release content videos Aug 29, 2022

 Hello dear Heroes Infinite member!

Summer of Hell!

I hope you had a great summer and that you are coming back invigorated and full of energy and creative thoughts for hobby projects!

 For Mireille and me, the summer was intense weather wise, with temperatures everyday in the high 90’s and beyond, no rain since April, and as we live at the edge of a forest, our palace and offices were threatened by 3 forest fires in the same 24 hours! We literally packed everything and got ready to go, just in case!

In the end, everything remained under control and it was a great summer nonetheless, but we had several days where we anxiously watched the skies and the ballet of Canadairs and Dash planes while watching the wind direction.

As for the crew, most took a break at one point or another, yet overall, we certainly haven’t been idle.


We Created What You Asked For

A while back, as we usually do regularly, we asked you what you were hoping to see in coming months. This is why we released Arcadian Elves, Part Two, and it has been a massive success. 

This is also why today’s release is Arthurian Legends. This was a theme that was definitely at the top of your wish lists, along with a few more that we will be covering soon.

This is a first take on the Arthurian Legends mythology. Indeed, there are so many characters that it is impossible to cover them all in a single release! 


The Arthurian Legends Release

Although the Arthurian mythology comes from very early medieval times, the story of Arthur and his knights had a big peak of popularity during Victorian times at the peak of the gothic revival period.

This is why the Arthurian knights are often represented as knights from the XVth and XVIth century, when the gothic style and culture was in full bloom.

This sits very well with me as this is one of my favorite times in history, stylistically speaking! 

The visual development of this release was quite intense as I pushed the team to immerse themselves in historical references much more than usual

I asked them to look at depictions of the knights’ tournaments’ clothing and equipment, study the beautiful heraldry plates of that time, and scrutinize the amazing Flemish painters and artists like Van Eyck and Dürer.

For some sculptors, it was sometimes challenging to digest all the stylistic codes of that era, and also to use them to make something that was a bridge between historical references and fantasy creations.

But in the end, they all came through and did an amazing job!!! 

In fact, you will have noticed that the Heroes Infinite Troops models have become increasingly intricate and complex over the past few months! So we decided to actually double the sculptors’ fees for them to keep up with the amount of work that is put into making them.


You Make the Dream Happen

The result of all this is, in my opinion, one of the most stunning armies of that style that I have ever seen. 

So, thank you all, guys and gals, for subscribing to Heroes Infinite! 

It is because of you, of your ongoing and your ever-growing support, that I get the means to  turn into reality the visions that have been in my head for so many years, and to achieve it at a level I would not have thought possible before. 

It could have never happened without you!

My warmest thanks again! See you on the other side :)