☄️ Dark Space Void Elves - November 2023 Release Video 🌑

release content videos Oct 29, 2023
Xyra the Medusa, of the Dark Space Void Elves

Hello, Heroes Infinite subscribers. Today is a special day!!! Allow me to introduce a release that many of you have been anticipating for months!!!

Indeed, this theme has been one of our top best sellers since it appeared on the Raging Heroes physical shop, and now it comes to you in a totally updated version.

We're incredibly proud of our Dark Space Void Elves that will come to you on November 2.

A few months back, I hinted at a special plan for our November release, one that would both excite you while allowing our team to come up for air. Our hardworking team deserved some time off, so we took inspiration from a previous strategy—taking our fantasy characters and reimagining them in a sci-fi setting. It’s incredibly exciting to see beloved characters take life in a new world, in a new setting, in a new universe.

With the Void Elves, it was an obvious transition. Our physical miniature line on our Raging Heroes website has almost always released characters in both sci-fi and fantasy versions, a concept beloved by many. So this was the perfect opportunity.

This release provided both what you've eagerly awaited and allowed our team to finish this release earlier than usual to take a well-deserved break after a full year of incredible hard work, as I explained in a previous video. 

Here's the release video!! Enjoy! Then, Come back to learn more, get the characters’ backstories, and share your faves with us.

Evil Elegance and More

The characters in this release are, in my opinion, remarkable. 

We really tried to infuse them with that evil elegance that goes so well with dark chaos, whether they are sci-fi or fantasy. Each character is distinctive. Some are genuinely otherworldly. All will enhance (or get you to start building) your Void Elf army.

And then you’ll find our awesome and beautifully updated troops. To those we added new troops not previously available in our physical line, expanding the potential of the Raging Heroes and Heroes Infinite ranges.

Let's highlight a few characters:

Queen Nyssa the Viperthorn, an imposing and fearsome leader.

Characters like Dryack the Electro-Executrix champion, Vexandra the Fletch Stitcher, and Vhorak the Wretched are bound to make a statement on your table.

Serpenthia Shadow Coil and Xyra de Medusa are our spins on characters that were begging for extra-special design attention. In particular, Xyra the Medusa is an updated version of one of our most popular characters, and she's simply stunning.

And we know that this time you will definitely want to print that Centerpiece and use it in your games.

Not to mention that, if you wanted to, you could print an entire squadron of our amazing Jet Fighters if you wanted to…

We've revamped our original Raging Heroes Troops: we kept their original, super dynamic poses, but we updated pretty much everything else, from their anatomy to their armor, and especially their helmets.

Additionally, as always, we're offering our unmatched selection of Terrain pieces to help craft a themed table, an example of which you can see in our release video.

It’s Your Turn!

While we understand not everyone is a Sci-Fi enthusiast, we know that you’ll all appreciate the quality of this release. And fear not, we've got an exciting array of fantasy pieces planned for Christmas that promises to be one of our best yet.

We're eager to hear from you. Which characters are your favorites? Which ones are you printing first? How do you plan to incorporate these characters into your games or stories?

We wish you a wonderful day and hope you’re all preparing for an enjoyable Halloween. Keep us updated on your preferred minis. And if you want to know more about each character’s story, Keep reading. Talk to you soon!

- Benoit Guerville, Art Director

The Characters’ Stories

Want more background info on the characters? We got you covered!

Queen Nyssa The Viperthorn

Nyssa The Viperthorn inherited her kingdom through a lineage of cunning queens. She rules her domain with a cold, calculating demeanor, utilizing her mastery of dark sorcery to bend reality to her will and keep her subjects in a constant state of fear.

King Vossar the Eternal

Vossar the Eternal is a cunning and ageless king who has maintained his rule for centuries. He possesses a dark secret: a powerful artifact known as the "Soulcage," which grants him immortality but at a terrible cost to those around him.

Gladiatrix Vaeloria Bloodlash

Vaeloria Bloodlash is the deadliest of all Void Elves gladiators.

She wields her whip and spear with inhumane speed and precision. Her fighting style is a deadly dance of grace and brutality.

Vexandra the Flesh Stitcher, Body Engineer

Vexandra is a demented master of body engineering, infamous for creating monstrous creatures by assembling body parts from her drug-enhanced slaves. Her obsession with pushing the boundaries of life and death knows no bounds, and she seeks to transcend mortality itself.

Vhorak the Wretched, grand master of the body engineers

Vhorak the Wretched is an ancient and monstrous mentor, feared even by fellow body engineers. He imparts his knowledge through cruel and gruesome lessons, leading his apprentices down a path of madness and depravity.

Sylara, Champion of the Blood Vestals

Sylara is the formidable champion of the all-female Blood Vestals order. Her unwavering domination over her sisters and her vicious combat skills have earned her a fearsome reputation, making her a symbol of absolute ruthlessness.

Serpenthia Shadowcoil, Naga Champion

Serpenthia Shadowcoil is a unique Naga champion with the body of a serpent and the torso of a Void Elf. Her mysterious origins and deadly combat skills make her a formidable force, yet, as the other of her kind, she is seen as a impure pariah by the true Void Elves

Drayek, Executrix Champion

Drayek is a cunning and tactical champion who leads the Executrix with ruthless efficiency. With his unmatched combat skills and icy demeanor, he is a master of hard hitting operation, always one step ahead of his foes.

Xyra, the Medusa

Xyra is a captive psychic Medusa whose powers are harnessed through a neural helmet, allowing her captors to control and amplify her psychic abilities for their dark purposes. Her story is one of torment and defiance as she seeks freedom.

Now it’s your turn

Pray tell everyone in the comments below: which characters are your favorites? Which ones are you printing first? How do you plan to incorporate these characters into your games or stories?