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poll/survey Oct 26, 2021

Dear Heroes Infinite Supporter, 

We asked you and, as always, you delivered!

We received tons of answers and suggestions about what the December release should be.

So, as always, I went through all your comments to figure out what were the most talked-about themes.

You can walk through all my feedback in detail in this feedback video, but I have to admit it took me quite some time to go through all the comments and reply/react to them, so the video is about 50 minutes long.

So if you want the short version, here is what I have concluded from all that information.

The themes that are currently the most popular are, in no particular order:

  • The land of Frost: Nordic / Slavic / Kislev
  • High Elves / Lumineth
  • Asian Mythology
  • Dark Christmas
  • Spelljamer/Astral Planes
  • Steampunk
  • Werewolves, Vampires, Undeads
  • Aztecs
  • Orcs

Yes, that's a lot of them!

So, of course, I had to organise all this and see how we could come up with the best options for you and for us. 

As I explain in the feedback video, for various reasons, some themes such as Orcs or Steampunk require more advance preparation on our end.

Some others feel like they would belong more to another time of the year. For example, Land of the Frost feels like a good theme for the Christmas season and Aztecs would probably work better for summer. Yes, I know, it’s a bit subjective but I have to organize one way or another ;)

Ok, so once again, if you’d like to hear all the explanations about this, do check out the feedback video :)


Three Themes to vote on

On my end, I have now narrowed it to three topics intersecting your suggestions and what we can create best at this time. Please note that the other topics like Aztecs or Steampunk or Astral Planes are big favorites of us too, so you can be sure we will be working on these themes in the coming year.

Here is what I need your vote on for this month:

Land of the Frost

This would be a somewhat dark and savage theme inspired by Nordic and Slavic mythologies and Kislev-like references. 

It would be a perfect theme for this time of the year. It would also allow us to maybe squeeze a little bit of Dark Christmas vibe in a way that will satisfy both those who really want a Christmas theme, yet allow enough variety so that members who have had quite enough of the Holiday period also find their pleasure here. 

Finally, it could also be seen as a kind of extension to the non-fairy part of our Winter Fairies release.

Oriental Adventures

This would be An Asian-inspired theme, most likely mixing Chinese and Japanese references that we’d slightly revisit with our own spin.

It would be the opportunity for creatures that are at the same time elegant and full of poetry, and yet dark and horror-like.

High Elves

Since we just did the Dark Elves, and you are about to witness more Elves-related stuff in our November release video, it could make sense to go all the way and finally produce a High Elves range.

It is something that has been asked from us since the first days of Raging Heroes and while High Elves were my first ever miniature army, for some obscure reason, we never had a chance to do this race justice. 

The name Lumineth has been mentioned several times in the comments, and so I’m thinking of giving these High Elves a slight touch of Orientalism and mysticism.


Don’t just vote in the poll!

Whatever theme is chosen for December, it seems pretty clear that the other ones will also be top-tier contestants for future months to come, first because many of you have asked for them, and also because they are themes we would love to work on. 

As always, we deeply appreciate your ideas and suggestions, and so we would love you very much to tell us what characters you would like with the theme you’ve voted for.

At this time, my preference would go to the Land of the Frost theme because it is in perfect sync with the season, but I have to admit that I will need your help as my knowledge of Slavic mythology is not as extensive as I’d like. So please tell me more about what you want in this theme.


  1. make sure you vote in the poll so that your voice is counted, 
  2. please drop your suggestions in the poll or in the comments below!

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