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With your Heroes Infinite subscription,
you get to 3D print unique minis for your games or your collection every month for an UNBEATABLE PRICE!

Each monthly release has a different theme so you can populate a great variety of campaigns.

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With each month’s release, you can build a full army or populate a full RPG campaign!


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Here's what you get:

+ Everything that is in the OVERLORD tier (including all benefits: Welcome box, Community, Polls, etc.) 

15-20 Troops to create 4-5 different units 

+ An epic and out-of-this-world centerpiece, modular and/or scatter terrain elements 

+ A special model that is exclusive to our Overlord tier: this can be a mounted Hero, a Monster, or a very special character.

Only for $16 per month!

Best offer on the 3D printing world!!! 

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Leader Membership



In this tier, you get access, exclusively for your personal use, to:


+ A new Super Value STL Pack every month to 3D print Models and Scenery. The details will vary each month, but you can look forward to 
- a set of Troops
- a set of Heroes
- at least one Monster in both standalone and mounted versions (where applicable - some Monsters just can't be mounted...)
- alternate troopers' weapons
- various scenic bases

+ The Welcome Box: everything needed to 3D print a complete TAVERN with lots of furniture, counters, accessories, and more! Need a bigger tavern? No problem, just print more items! And hey, new items will be added regularly to this welcome box, too!

+ Exclusive polls to have your say on our future release!

For $10 per month you can print out a full army for the price on 1 resin miniature!


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