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Sea Elves - Kingdom of the Depth part s

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WOW guys...I can hardly find the words. This set is absolutely breathtaking. One of your best releases ever in my opinion. I can't wait to paint some of these. I'm so inspired by your creativity. My imagination is just so fired up with each new month!!! Once again you guys have completely outdone yourselves.

- Noel

"I can' t wait (or wet ? ^^) When i thought your chaos release was the best i have seen. Here come the sea elves. Just one month after i began to build an Idoneth army. I cannot thak you enough. This set is gorgeous."

- Michael AYCARD

"OMG outstanding! Love every single sculpt, and the scatter terrain is awesome...very unique pieces. The team knocked this one out of the park! Cheers :)"

- wwquicksilver

"Now this is sea elves done right!

- @wtfisthisnonsense

"Amazing write-up, amazing models!  Another stellar release.  You do such incredible work.  Love it!"

 - Karsten Krahe

Here is the full line-up of all the minis from this release.

Chaos Blood and Steel Part 2 width=

From the release post


With Spring in full swing, we thought it was time to stroll by the beach and since you’ve regularly asked for a part 2 for the very successful Kingdom of the Depth, we just took a deep dive!

It also turns out that while we were working on that release, we got the results of our last poll and, oh boy, so many of you were asking for more elves!

So we thought, OK, perfect timing, Sea Elves!

And there is so much room to create something that stands out!

Adventures that take place under the Sea always make for a fantastic story setup and setting. Yet I'm often disappointed by what I find available on the market. 

So we really pushed hard on the design aspect for that release and I do think we've come out with some very very cool pieces.

Please watch the video, then come right back as I share with you how you can push your creativity to the next level!

Fantastic Opportunities!

You may remember that we also have two pirate releases: our very first release: Pirates of the White Sea, and the more recent PIRATES: Curse of the Dead Sea, this latter one being particularly geared towards under-the-sea adventures.

Now imagine combining the Pirate releases 1 and 2 and the Kingdom of the Depth release with this new one, you’ll be able to design an amazing campaign or create very unique Wargaming armies with all these characters.

Now this gives me the opportunity to talk about something that is really dear to my heart. 

And that is nearly a big, philosophical topic. 

Are you ready???


I mean, I really want to share with you how much I see an opportunity for wargamers and RPGers to break away or go beyond the rule books of various published games! We live in an era where the market offers so many choices that it’s become easy to create a very unique looking army, YOUR one of a kind army, using a lot of count-as…

Not sure of what I mean?

Let me give you a few very basic examples: 

Imagine, for example, that you have an army of Elves who use pirates and undersea zombies as their minions, you know? Like mixing things up to give your army a very unique twist?

They could be enslaved by the sea elves who use them as cannon fodder in their battles. 

Or you could go full out creatively…

Like going into some kind of impossible Romeo and Juliet love story between an old pirate and a sea elf sorceress, for example. And maybe the sorceress is just using her seductive skills to enslave the pirate forever under the sea so that he does her bidding; or maybe they are truly in love and even if the pirate is dead, they share a crazy love story that goes beyond death and beyond the realm of what is supposed to be possible

THIS is Fantasy! THIS is Storytelling!

This is practically what all of us fantasy nerds live for:


These are the worlds we are playing with. My wish for you is to encourage you to go crazy and have fun with them. Be bold, be different, be unique!

If you have been subscribed to Heros Infinite for quite some time, you know that you have a plethora of characters begging for you to create amazing stories with.

Come one, unleash your godlike powers and create that very unique campaign, that very unique army. You have so many options!

More Game Ideas!

And you know what? If you really feel like “oh, but I’m not that creative, I don’t have this kind of ideas”, you can even go to ChatGPT and say, “hey, you know, I have those sea elves and those pirates and those whatever. Give me 20 ideas of stories that I could have with them”. That will definitely provide additional inspiration to build an army or a story like nothing you've done before.

To me this kind of creative storytelling is one of the biggest exciting aspects of fantasy gaming and I think that very few people really take full advantage of all the opportunities that we now have with 3D printing. 

Basically we can do whatever we want. 

This is so amazing !!!

So, as an introduction to that Sea Elves release, that would be my advice: 

Create a crazy RPG campaign with those characters. Create a fantastic army. Go wild. Do something that nobody has ever done before!

How to be unique?

I remember two examples that really struck me a long time ago. 

I remember seeing an Orc unit. It was a fantastic little display. It was a Warhammer Orc unit where the champion, the chief of the unit, was standing in the middle of his own troops who were going completely insane, fighting against each other. And he, the chief, was face-palming like “oh my god, I have to work with this bunch of stupid idiots!” 

Can you picture it? This wargaming unit that was in fact a little diorama! 

I found it so funny and I thought, “Wow this is so cool to put that on the table, it tells such a unique story!”

And another one that I remember seeing was an undead army where, instead of having ranks and ranks of skeletons as they are normally shown, the unit was instead a portion of an old cemetery. 

Remember the Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video where you see all those zombies coming out of the ground? Well, the front row of the unit was just tombstones with a few hands coming out of the ground. And as you would go further towards the back of the unit, you would see all those skeletons progressively crawling out of the ground and at the back, fully risen. 

That was amazing!

And this is by the way something that inspired me for the Sandstorm Riders that we did in last month’s Arthur's Crusade to the Necropolis Sands, like imagining those skeletons buried under the sand after battles that happened centuries  ago, when suddenly they are called by a necromancer who makes them rise out of the ground.  And as they rise up, there is all that sand twirling around them…

Yes, this is what I want to see in my game sessions! I want to be like in a movie, I want to be in a story.

So as you can see today I'm not going into as much detail as usual in the characters of our new release because I think they speak for themselves. I really wanted to share with you one of the things that constantly inspires me when we design the character that we make for you.

Forget about being absolutely true to the rule books and everything. This is not fun. This makes everybody's army look the same. What's the fun in that? If that's what you want, use meeples instead of minis, really…

Those games are all about imagination. Time to get crazy.

This is what we're trying to do every month, to get as crazy as we can. We have to stay inside some parameters so that the miniatures that we make for you make sense and so that you can use them in your game. But go nuts, do something unique, do something crazy, mix the releases, design your own army, make it something special!

In this release

So. To make things special here, well you have some amazing characters! The Avatars are really something... Aelteria, the Tsunami Avatar and Kalmegon, the Riptide Avatar make two fantastic leaders for your army. 

I love Shey-Ray, the Tide Mistress, a beautiful sea sorceress, and Salzaiem the Clairvoyant, the Abyssal Conductor. He is like her opposite: the weird old twisted wizard.  I love those little kind of piranha fishes swimming around him and that big seashell on his back. I mean everything around him looks like old, twisted, plotting weird things. 

You’ll also love the energy of Selsilys, the Soul-Entrapper, like she's ripping apart the  souls of her prey. As always, there is so much character that comes to life within those miniatures.

I also love all the sea monsters that you have here. The Thunder Morays mounts for the Troops are absolutely stunning and in my opinion, so much more dynamic than what you might see elsewhere. So much more aggressive looking and full of attitude. And then you got the big Abyssal Sharkoleth who has a very unique vibe undulating into the deep waters, and the massive Chasm Wyrm, a sort of sea dragon with a mouth that will just rip through anything. That's a massive collection of crazy sea creatures.

And then all the Heroes, as always, I mean, they speak for themselves. Captain Valtys, she's got so much attitude and charisma. It's a simple pose, a simple character, but look at her stance! Look at how nice she looks, strong and unique. I mean, I'm very excited by the diversity in that release and everything you can do with it.

The quantity of monsters and mounts that you have here is pretty exceptional. So I hope you'll like them.

Adventures at sea are so full of promises!

I do think it's a very beautiful release. I love sea adventures. I love pirates' stories, whether it’s One Piece or Pirates of the Caribbean or whatever! Adventures at sea are so full of promises. 

And so whether you challenge your adventurers with opponents that have the scope and visual strengths of these Sea Elves, or choose to turn them into unexpected allies, or incorporate them into your armies, well… you have something here that is really quite unique.

Anyway, I hope you'll love that release. We are very happy with the results. 

And we also have great great plans for the upcoming months, based on the feedback that you gave us and that was so useful and so, well, a lot of cool things are coming up. 

So I hope your printers are hot and ready and that you'll have a lot of fun with these. 

As always, please let us know which ones you like the most, which ones you like to print and to play with, what you want to do with them Do you want to add them to some existing armies or create something completely new, do you have a story where they would fit in your RPG game or do you want to stage something special about them? Let us know. 

We can't wait to see what you will do with them!

Release list


Aelteria, Tsunami Avatar
Kalmegon, Riptide Avatar
Madlusin, Soul Reaper

Shey-Ray, Tide Mistress
Salzaiem the Clairvoyant, Abyssal Conductor
Captain Valtys, Shades Master

Selsilys, Soul Entraper
Grand Master Ylgar, Council Scribe
Nemenis, Abyss Nymph Mistress


Abyssal Sharkoleth
Chasm Wyrm
Sacred Spectral Whale (Centerpiece)


Abyss Shades Secutors
Abyss Shades Sagittarii
Thunder Morays Bolt Swords
Thunder Morays Volt Spears
Neyriads Abyss Nymphs