APRIL 2022 Painting Contest: 3D Print, Paint, Photograph and Enter for a chance to Win Amazing Prizes

contest Apr 20, 2022

Here’s a great incentive to 3D-print and paint at least one of  your Heroes Infinite models: a PAINTING CONTEST!

Win or lose, you’ll get your favorite model printed and painted, and that’s something!!!

This painting contest is our FIRST ONE ever! This one is for our Heroes Infinite 3D printable models! And if you don’t win this month, no problem: you get to improve because in coming months, we will hold recurrent painting contests for our Heroes Infinite latest release...

There are AMAZING prizes to win this month: sizable gift cards for your choice of 3D printing Elegoo products or Raging Heroes physical miniatures! 

All you need to do is paint any of the 3D printable miniatures that you printed from the current Heroes Infinite release: High Elves of the Eternal Summits II, take one (or more) awesome photos, and upload them on the contest page.

*** The contest ends May 1st! ***

Winners will be picked by us and we'll announce the three winners in early May.

Head over the contest page to enter: https://www.heroesinfinite.com/painting-contest 


KEY Contest Rules

- 3D Print and then Paint any model from our current Heroes Infinite release.
- No digital painting/editing is allowed.
- The rest of the rules can be found on the contest page.

1st Place Prize
A USD $250 gift card for a Mars Elegoo 3D Printer
OR a 300€ (about $325) Raging Heroes gift card

2nd place Prize
An USD $90 gift card for 2 bottles of high quality resin (1000 grams each)
OR a 150€ (about $162) Raging Heroes gift card

3rd place Prize
An USD $45 gift card for 1 bottle of high quality resin (1000 grams)
OR a 75€ (about $81) Raging Heroes gift card

So heat up your 3D printer, get your brushes out and get cracking 3D-printing and painting your April 2022 High Elves of the Eternal Summits II!


Enter! Even if you don't believe you can win! You never know... And hey, practice makes perfect! If anything, you'll have at least one model completely finished by the end of the month!!! So join in! We can’t wait to see your work!