Join Us in Our Effort to Feed the Refugees in Ukraine

May 23, 2022

Sergey, a refugee from the Kharkiv, Ukraine area knows firsthand the plight of his people. With a team of dedicated volunteers, they're already working hard to feed as many people as possible. But they need our help to reach even more people.

That's why we are donating 5 of our most popular Heroes Infinite STLs to this massive digital package of donations, which includes everything from STLs to music, from creators all over the world, worth over a thousand USD. Get more information on how you can help and get a massive digital package here!



You can get this package when you pledge $50 USD (you can of course pledge more to support the cause). You get some great digital content and the refugees get help. Everyone wins!


Pledge here Every dollar raised will go directly towards buying food for the refugees. Please help us spread the word and reach our goal! Together, we can make a difference.