contest May 11, 2022

With so many great entries, we could not stop at 3 winners so warm congratulations are in order for the 5 winners of our very first Heroes Infinite painting contest for our April 2022 release.

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Check out their great entries below, or see all the contest entries over here and join our new painting contest, which runs until the end of May!

1st place: Maciej Wójt (Poland) with Beltheriah, Tempest Warlock
2nd place: Xing Li Cook (Australia) with Beltheriah Tempest Warlock
3rd place (2 winners!): Dessier David (France) with Beltheriah, Tempest Warlock and
Harry Mustoe-Playfair (United Kingdom) with Elsanthi in a traditional high elf scheme
Bonus 4th place: Harley Decker (United States) with Ylmaneth Guardian of the Azurian Path

 We did not plan on having a 4th prize winner, but the Art Director and Sculpt Supervisors could not resist!

 Remember to join our new painting contest, which runs until the end of May

As a reminder, here are the prize options the winners will get to choose from:

1st Place Prize

A USD $250 gift card for a Mars Elegoo 3D Printer

OR a 300€ (about $325) Raging Heroes gift card


2nd Place Prize

An USD $90 gift card for 2 bottles of high quality resin (1000 grams each)

OR a 150€ (about $162) Raging Heroes gift card


3rd Place Prize

An USD $45 gift card for 1 bottle of high quality resin (1000 grams)

OR a 75€ (about $81) Raging Heroes gift card


4th Place Prize

A 50€ gift Raging Heroes gift card

To claim your prize, please follow these steps:

  • Respond to our email from [email protected] within 30 days to claim your prize
  • Choose between your prize options
  • This one is totally optional, but if you’re excited about winning, take a selfie with your painted miniature and share it with us!

 Congratulations again to our winners!