A Wizards' Christmas 2021

a wizards' christmas (awc) Dec 09, 2021




What if you and your family could spend Christmas in a Wizards’ School?

What if you could own and gift a Wizards’ arcane artefacts?

What if you could trim your house with all manners of enchanted ornaments?

What if you could metamorphose your table with food fit for a magical feast?



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And what if you could cast a spell on your 3D printer
and suddenly print all the enchanted artefacts, curiosities, gifts, and miniatures
that Wizards usually keep for themselves?

Well our "A Wizards Christmas" project on Kickstarter
is unlocking this magical world to you!

This 2021 Version will contain
over 300
3D printable ornaments and curiosities!!

Last year, we had a short but amazing campaign with 200 3d printable models.

This year, we're adding a 
100+ new3d printer files
to make this holiday period 
even more magical.

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so you don't miss anything!

Project starts on December 11th at 6 pm CET (Paris time)



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Back our Kickstarter and get your whole family
involved in 
printing and painting
fantastical ornaments for your home,
wizarding accoutrements to feel more magical,
and it wouldn’t be a Raging Heroes’ Kickstarter without a few amazing miniatures...

And as it's the most wonderful time of the year, as a Heroes Infinite subscriber,  you will receive a

Free Christmas Ball
from our new Wizards Christmas collection

3D print and paint all the baubles that you want and
make your Christmas tree unique!

But wait, there's more!!!


Enter our Contest NOW to WIN:

a 3D printer ( worth $350)


 a 12-month 2022 membership to Heroes Infinite ($192)


the ENTIRE "A Wizards' Christmas" collection ($94)

Ends on December 22nd at 6PM CET ⏰

With over 300+ ready to 3D print models,
A Wizards Christmas
will make your Christmas truly magical.